December 02, 2010

Just in case...

I decided to make a Christmas List in case anyone out there had some extra money that they would like to spend on me, so instead I'll call it an In My Wildest Dreams List.

1.  an iPad
2.  an iPhone
3.  a Flip video camera
4.  a jewelry box
5.  jewelry for the jewelry box
6.  clothing, shoes and bags (or gift cards to go shopping)
7.  a serger (sewing machine)

Of course I would also love a job for Jasey.  Money for Jasey's schooling, a part time daycare for AJ and dance classes for myself.

Thank you

December 01, 2010


Is it really December 1st already!?  Three and a half weeks till Christmas!  Even though it isn't going to be the most grandiose Christmas I am still super excited.  I've been getting a few things for the past couple months that I wanted to get the kids, I've already given Jasey's mom a list of ideas and my mom and I went out yesterday and got things for the kids from my mom.  So essentially Christmas is done!  Decorating tomorrow, getting a tree on Sunday, hopefully taking the kids to see Santa next week.  Love it!