June 08, 2012

Best Friends!...

It's National Best Friends Day!

Jeannine and I met our freshman year of high school in Spanish class.  We became fast friends, had sleep overs and our own dumb jokes and laughed as only 14 year olds can. After graduating we took trips, went to concerts, partied and laughed as only 21 year olds can.  We were each others MOHs at our weddings, getting married less than 18 months apart.  We each have two children, our oldest are 6 months apart and our youngest only 3 months apart.  Now 18 years later we are still best friends.  We are oddly mean to each other but there is never any question as to our feelings, which is all love.  We don't live in the same state anymore and have seen each other only once in the past year and a half but we are as close as ever.  We talk and support each other and of course laugh as only 32 year olds can.

So Happy National Best Friends Day to my best friend, Nene!


P.S. I had a Margarita. Did you? :)

(I've realized that I need to get scanner happy one day and get all of my old photos scanned in!)

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