July 31, 2013

The Big Guns...

So apparently my life is more dramatic and exciting than I ever thought it was...or, would like it to be.  This story is a nice follow up to the guy I encountered while refinishing Ryan's bike.

I have so many thoughts running through my head that I can't get to sleep.  I figured it might help to get them out of my head and into a fun little blog post that I think will make you laugh...or at least stare at the screen with your mouth hanging open while formulating your own responses to this good for nothing Gen Y chick that I had the pleasure of pissing off this evening.

I recently put a few things on Craigslist, including two bar stools, and am about to share an email exchange and...lets say, 'altercation' I had today with this college kid.

I copy and pasted each email exactly how it was sent whether it was from me or her.  My only change was an asterisk next to the start of my emails so it's easier to keep track. (side note: the stools are posted for $100)
Here we go...

Hi I will offer 50 for both, how high are the stools seat from the ground?

*  They are 29" seats. Counter or pub table height. 
$75 for the pair

60 and it's a deal. I'm a college student so I'm on a budget. But I really am interested?

*  Sorry we can't go that low. If you reconsider for 75 let me know. 

I honestly just can't afford that, most similar stools I've looked at go for 20 each but they were for the wrong bar size. 

I'm really in need of stools if you could please maybe reconsider. 

*  The stools are from Target they are Threshold Carey 29" Bar Stools and retail for $69.99. They were bought new, by us, less than 10 months ago and are in perfect condition. I'm sorry but I can't sell them for less than the cost of one of them. I was stretching it going to $75. 

Would you do 70 then? I really want them. And am in need for them this week. But 70 is really high for me to afford.
So what do you think on 70?

*  Let me ask my husband. He's at work late tonight. I'll email you when I talk to him.

Ok I can pick them up tonight or tomorrow morning if you agree. I'm fine with 70 if they are in perfect condition.

*  No. I'm sorry we are going to have to pass.

If I come see them tomorrow first and deem them in perfect condition ill do the 75. But you do realize used furniture typically goes for 1/3 the original cost. I would only go that high if they are exactly what I've been looking for. Can we arrange to meet and let me view them tomorrow? I'm available all day after 1230.

*  I've bought and sold many items on craigslist and else where and am well aware of how it works. My bar stools are exactly what you are looking for, I know this since you have now upped your price three times even after I have told you no thank you. So, thank you, but no. 

Yes they are what I am looking for. I never doubted that. But you never know the condition until you see the item. I'm a female college student working on a part time retail salary... Sorry if I don't exactly have close to 100 dollars to shell out.. I have changed my price by talking to my parents on worth. I am really interested in the stools for I've been looking for a month now. If I am willing to meet your price after trying to financially figure out if I can afford it, why wouldn't you sell them to me?

*  I am a female stay at home mom of two  young children working on no salary. Why this has any relevance to bar stools I'm not sure. I agree you need to see something to figure it's worth, next time do that up front if you are so interested. Do not change your tune three times and then insult the other person by telling them you will 'deem' the item 'worthy' only to promptly move on to a nice little lecture about how the world works. I'd rather use them as fire wood. 

Okay. Your job or lack there of has no relevance to me. Mine however when PURCHASING does. If you are to actually take me wanting to examine an item before paying a absurd amount past their worth as an insult, then you're ridiculous. I changed my "tune" because I really needed stools. At least I can give a lecture since I'm properly educated and not the epitome of a Boca... Pardon my language "bitch". You wanted an insult... There you go. 

If you are as unpleasant  in person as you are in emails... Then god help you. 
Enjoy your firewood.  

Uh, so, there you have it.  Once the name calling starts, I'm done.  I don't have time to pull hair with a self righteous, college/sorority girl that (just incase you all didn't catch this) needs bar stools.  Apparently this 'college student on a budget' can afford her own apartment, because I've never seen a dorm room that has the space or 'need' for bar stools. 

As much as her last email should make my blood boil it mostly just makes me laugh.  I admit that I made a couple remarks that had a bit of a bite behind them but my main objective was to get my point across in a very diplomatic fashion.  I very nicely told her "I'm sorry, no, thank you" three times!  I purposely steered clear of remarks that made an assumption about her specifically.  Remarks about 'needing' bar stools to impress her sorority sisters or perhaps a remark about skipping a case of beer this weekend to come up with the extra few bucks. Then in later emails the fact that if she's been looking for a month she could have added a couple bucks to her 'bar stool fund' but I guess she needed to stock up behind the bar too.  I didn't even take the easy jabs to her grammar and punctuation.  

Does she realize that with her last reply she proved every point that I made?  I guess she has all the answers and doesn't need life lessons...or advice on common courtesy...and she's got sarcasm down pat.  (did you catch that? because she wouldn't have)  She doesn't even gear her rebuttals to the proper arguments, which just sends me into another fit of giggles.  Do not even get me started on the Boca thing (cause I'm far from it!) or the mom thing, especially the mom thing!...Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned...

But, alas, I held my tongue because who am I to judge a girl that was still pooping in her pants as I was entering high school.  I'm just a worthless, unemployed, uneducated, unpleasant Boca bitch.  

At least my feet are nice and toasty from this fire.  

Today I am thankful that I am a grown woman with self control...and two kids that I stay at home with (that's the best part). :)