April 01, 2010

Looking Back...

We will be heading out on a week long road trip in a couple days, so as part of the preparation I asked Jasey to download everything off of the video camera, it hadn't been done for a while and was just about full. I deal with the digital camera, Jasey does the video, so I never really look at any of it. You take video to have mementos of important milestones and then never even watch them, seems silly right? There was all sorts of stuff on there and things already on the computer that I had never seen either. Holidays, family, puppies, parties and playtime.

Then I came across the video from our hospital stay when Ryan was born and decided to watch it. It was just over 5 months ago, but it seems like ages. There was video from before I want into the OR, with a shot of my belly (I was HUGE!) and AJ running around playing with some of the hospital equipment. There was Ryan when she first came back to the room and her being weighed, which is something I missed with both her and AJ, since I was still in surgery. I was cracking myself up with some of the stuff I was saying and how I was acting, I was still very drugged and groggy. It was amazing to be able to go back, with a clear head now, and see her all new and little tiny. It was incredible to see how much AJ has changed in that short amount of time. And even though we have pictures, it is great to know that we will always have an even truer to life account of that day at our fingertips.
A groggy, swollen mommy and new baby

Daddy and big brother checking out baby sister

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