April 30, 2010

Old into New...

I want to show you my newest project, but before I do I wanted to share where the idea came from. Check out this blog. I'm not sure what to call her...a girl, a young woman, a lady...? We are the same age and I don't feel that any one of those describes me, so lets go with the alternative 'awesomely creative chica'.

This awesomely creative chica was hitting 30 and dealing with some other life funkinesses. So, she decided to do something 'Julie & Julia' -like about it. She pledged to wear something new everyday day for a year, but heres the catch, she is only allowing herself to spend $365 for the whole year! So she hits thrift stores, garage sales and any dollar bin she can find. She takes her treasures home and, with the help of her sewing machine and seam ripper, turns them into something better then you could find on any department store rack.

This has become one of my absolute favorite blogs to check out and has me wanting to give the clothing transformation a shot. So without further ado here is my first attempt at turning something old into something new.

This is what I started with. It came from my aunt, she was cleaning out some of her old stuff and this was in the pile. I liked the print and thought I'd give it a try. I figured if it came out like crap no harm done, it was free! As you can see it's not very flattering on me and I'm not usually much of a skirt person anyway. I wasn't sure what to do with it...

I decided to make it into a top. I started by cutting off the top part of the waist, about a two and a half inch strip (I realized later that I could have cut more). I cut an inch slit in the top to give it a slight 'V' neck...I can't sport a square neck, it's just doesn't look good...then folded over and sewed a hem around the top. The strip from the waist was used to make tank top straps. I had to take it in on either side quite a bit, about 3 inches up top and 8 inches on the bottom. I don't need any help looking bigger then I already am! Here is the finished product...

I love it! Though it's still a little too much skin for me, so I added my orange sweater shrug and felt much more comfy. Perfect new spring time outfit!

I have always been a 'jeans and t-shirt' sort of girl but I am doing my best to change my ways. If I have a few more successes like this with some other old things I have in my craft room, I may just start scouring garage sales and dollar bins myself :)

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