June 16, 2010

The Green Bag Lady...

I started following a blog a couple years ago and have since become totally obsessed with it.  Theresa, the woman fronting this blog is awesome!  She has dubbed herself the Green Bag Lady.  A few years back she started making reusable shopping bags for herself, family and friends.  It has since turned into a weekend ritual for a group of ladies (and a few guys) known as the 'bagettes'.  Cute, right?!  When I started following, GBL had given away over 2000 bags, it is now over 10,000, woohoo!!  I checked in everyday to see what was going on and entered a giveaway, and I won bag!!!  Bag number 2945, seen here in AJ's 18 month old grasp  :)
I love to sew and I was very excited once I watched her video on how to make them, it was so easy!  Mom had given me a bunch of old fabric that she had and I immediately started sewing my little heart out, I made so many that I decided to for-go holiday cards and instead gave over 50 bags to family and friends.  Here is a picture of all the bags that got sent out.
I don't know how Theresa and the bagettes do it because I loved each bag that I made and wanted to keep everyone of them!  Jasey makes fun of me because I do have quite the stash of bags in my car!
I have given away other bags to random people that I meet in the local green market or at the grocery store.  I have also recently given bags to new friends and their families.  My aunt gave out about 10 of them to her music group and I am always making little bags to give gifts in, instead of buying paper gift wrapping of course!  (I now wish that I had taken the time to document each of them, but oh well!)  I also have a bag of bags of all different sizes in my car so that at any given moment I am prepared to share with an unsuspecting passerby!    

After winning my bag, I entered a few other freebies and have also entered some friends and family in giveaways for GBL bags.  I have become a GBL junkie!!!  I mean, come on, if I use the term Green Bag Lady so much that I have become accustomed to shortening it to GBL, I think it's safe to say I'm a junkie :)  These are the registered GBL bags, I gathered them all to take a picture, I'll give you a rundown starting from the left.  Ryan is # 8343, Jasey is #9170, AJ is # 9785, Andrea is #2945 and Jackie is # 3169, the blue fabric on the bottom is from the latest giveaway called Sew Mama Sew, where winners also receive a precut bag to sew and share with a friend, I sadly have not yet sewn it, but I will soon and will find the perfect person to pass it on to!
As I mentioned I also entered other freebies, there are four additional bags in the pic below, which are from those freebies.  I won the two bags on the left first, they are produce bags and have little ties to cinch up the bag so your apples don't go rolling around, trying to escape.  The green one actually has a small branch from our last christmas tree in it, which I keep in the car as a potpourri satchel.  The pink one is a gift bag and the last one is a mini-bag made by one of the bagettes with some larger scraps.  See...GBL junkie, thats me.  But wait we aren't done... 
I entered an Earthday giveaway, which I got some of you to also enter (I'm still waiting on pics!)  And because you all are so awesome and mentioned my name, I won a small prize pack!  Here is the fabric that Theresa kindly sent me, I told you she was awesome!!!  The gingham and polka dot fabric is oil cloth, I am using some to top my craft table (a nifty idea from the GBL herself) I will be sure to make a few bags with some of the other material, maybe for a little giveaway myself.  And I'm not sure about the rest...any ideas?
During the Earthday giveaway, Theresa linked all her blog followers over to a whole slew of organic fabric makers that were doing a bit of a giveaway themselves.  I went to each of the 12 participating companies and entered their individual contests.  What do you know, the lovely ladies at Cloud 9 Fabrics picked me and sent me 3 fat quarters of my choice of designs from their Beyond The Sea collection!  Here were my choices...Coral Weed, Sea Urchin and Sandpiper.  They are soft and bright and just oh so lovely!  
I'm glad I was able to share another of my favorite blogs with you and hope to share more in the future!  Now I have to go get my booty in gear and start sewing some more! 


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