May 27, 2010

3 Years...

I can hardly believe that AJ turned three this past Sunday. It's not an 'Oh my, where did the time go?' wonderment, or an 'I'm getting so old!' thought either. It's simply just a shock. He is no longer a little baby. He isn't even a toddler anymore. He is a little boy!!!

He had an early start to his birthday on the 14th, when the four of us drove up to Titusville to spend the day and watch the Shuttle Atlantis launch. For the next week and a half AJ asked me 10 times daily if it was his birthday and if he could have candles on his cake. I showed him the calendar, what day his birthday was and that it would be here soon.

The day before his birthday, we went to Jasey's moms house to celebrate with her. A yummy dinner, cake and gifts. It was wonderful and AJ was very excited that his birthday was finally here. Though I think he was a little suspicious because he knew that the day I had pointed to on the calendar that day wasn't the same day that I had told him his birthday was on, little smarty pants.

The next morning we headed to Calypso Bay, a little, kids water park. A few friends, who have kids around the same ages joined us at the park. A few hours of splashing, sliding and playing and the kids were pretty tuckered out, as well as the parents (a few of the parents were pretty sunburned too) AJ passed out in the car, just what we were hoping for.
My mom met us at our house and later a couple friends came over so the boys could play. AJ opened gifts and, of course, there was more cake.

A homemade, shuttle shaped cake! Since AJ has been so into rocket ships and enjoyed watching the shuttle launch so much I wanted to have a special cake for him. It was the first shaped cake I'd ever made and I had so much fun doing it!
He asked again this morning if we were going to have cake and a party for him, I guess I need to start planning for next year, any suggestions?

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