October 21, 2010

today, I eat cake...

There is no picture yet, but today Ryan is donning a cute little onesie that states "Today, I eat cake...yum, yum."  This is a very fitting statement for our 'petite little girl'.  She eats anything!  She is just getting her first molars in, yet a month ago the girl was eating steak.  Yes, steak!  As in sirloin, cooked on a grill...and chewing it with no molars, just gums.  But she loved it.  So I figured I would mark today, her first taste of cake, with the adorable little onesie that I found on cafepress.com.  I am saving the "It's my First Birthday" onesie for her party on Sunday.  

So I guess typically this is the blog where I am supposed to remember my experience from a year ago and give a recount of the days happenings.  I don't usually think that way, to me it's more of a "holy crap has it really been a year!?!?!"  sort of recollection.  Of course I remember waiting in the hospital room and getting prepped for surgery.  I remember...well a lot more from Ryan's section then I do AJ's, in general.  I remember thinking how much tinier she looked than AJ did and wondering if I should make them weigh her again.  But again my main thought is "Oh my goodness, how can she already be a year old!?"  

There is so much that happens in the first year, it actually seems to go quicker then the 9 month pregnancy, which is another perfect example of how hormones and memory screw with you during these times so that all you can remember when it's all over are the good things and if you do remember the not so great parts you immediately think "well, I made it through so it couldn't have been that bad, lets have another baby"  and next thing you know...no I'm not about to tell you that I am pregnant again.  Lets all remember that there is also a very active preschooler in the house.  Very active preschoolers are the best birth control since abstinence.   

Anyway back to Ryan turning one and wearing a cute little onesie saying "Today, I eat cake..yum, yum."  I certainly can't imagine my life without her.  She makes me smile when I think about her and laugh out loud when she smiles at me.  AJ started our family and Ryan came along to complete it.  I am so happy be a mommy to both of them.  Happy Birthday Ryan Addison.  

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