November 02, 2010

Daddy's on an 'adbenture'...

It is Tuesday and we have been without Jasey for 2 days.  He left Sunday morning for what AJ calls an 'adbenture', I think that's the Latino in him coming out.  You know, V's sounding like B's...  Anyway, Jasey is on a little road trip.  We were all going to go but after talking we agreed that Jasey going alone would be better for many different reasons.  There was going to be a lot of driving in not a lot of time.  Throw in two kids cooped up in car seats and hotel rooms and I could see my sanity flying straight out the window somewhere along Interstate 81, and that would just be no good.  So, I helped pack and load up and sent him on his way.  

He drove all day Sunday to be ready for his first stop on Monday in North Carolina.  Then he hopped back in the car for a short drive to Virginia.  After a long day there another longer drive awaits him as he crosses a time line and heads into Tennessee.  Next will be a drive into Georgia and a two night stay there before he finally heads back home on Friday.  That is four states in four days, not including Florida and other states that are driven through along the way.  Just thinking about it I am glad for the decision we made to leave me and the kids at home.  Of course I miss him and would love to be with him but I think he is, at this very moment, on that fateful drive from Virginia to Tennessee that would claim my sanity.  Instead I am calm, cool and collected, ahhhh.  Oh wait, excuse me while I stop the children from climbing the bookcases.  

The whole point of the trip is to visit schools that he is looking to attend.  He has already had interviews with some of the schools, as part of the application process.  During this trip he is meeting with students, having lunches with them and sitting in on classes.  He is also trying to get a general feel for each town and if it would be a good place for our family.  We will most likely be taking another trip in the coming months that focuses mostly on exploring the cities and towns that the schools are in.  Though as it stands the only thing we know for sure it that we will be moving sometime next summer.  If it will even be one of the four places that Jasey is visiting right now, I can't say 100%, though I would be willing to say it with 95% certainty.  

So we wait for daddy to return from his 'adbenture' and hope that it is a success and not too tiring, he has school the day after he returns and it's mid-term week.  We talk each night and get the scoop on how each others day went, that is if we aren't cut off by screaming kids or failing phone reception.  I even sent him pictures of the kids sleeping the first night, they were so cute I had to share.  To be honest, during the day there isn't much difference from when he's in town and at night i'm kinda digging sleeping sprawled out in the middle of the bed.  But, I will be very happy when Friday rolls around and drives up in front of the house.  Even better, I know the kids will be very happy to see him and there is nothing cuter then seeing kids excited about seeing their daddy.  

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