January 07, 2011

CSN Gift Certificate...

In the middle of November one of my favorite bloggers the Green Bag Lady posted a $55 CSN Freebie.  Seeing as how I enter just about every giveaway from the GBL, I entered this one too.  I almost didn't enter, one because I figured I wouldn't win so what was the point of entering and two, because I almost missed the deadline!  But I made it and what do you know, I won!

I was so excited and took a couple weeks browsing CSN.com any free moment I could.  They have such cool stuff, everything from kids toys and dog beds to living room decor and handbag accessories.  I had my shopping cart filled to the max with all the goodies I would have loved to get.  With urging from Jasey, Mom and Nene I had to tear myself away from all the kid stuff, they all thought I should get something for myself since everything I do is usually for the kids, guiltily I agreed.

I almost went against the advice and got a mini trampoline for AJ, because that boy has some energy. I nearly had myself convinced that it would be a gift for me too since it would, hopefully, wear him out.  I resisted.  Then I was teetering on edge of either a mini coat stand for the kids, cause it was so cute, or a new doggie bed for Kirby, but he's a big dog and those things are pricey!  I was in the middle of my funk at the time and was hoping that maybe buying something that I would enjoy would boost my spirits.  Nene said I should get myself some shoes or a purse, something for me as long as it wasn't pots and pans.  I hadn't even thought of kitchen stuff!  Oh, she knows me so well.

So I started looking at cooking utensils and what not.  Then I saw that they had Rachael Ray cookware, woohoo!  Jasey got me new pots and pans for Christmas last year, Rachel Ray's Hard Anodized 10 piece set.  I love them.  Mom got me an oval saute pan to match and a set of the Bubble and Brown bakers.  I even have spatulas and spoons, seriously, can you tell, I Love Them!!!  I've also been missing them.  When we moved we packed up our entire kitchen and put it in storage along with everything else.  If you are in the kitchen as much I am you know you can cook just fine using someone else's cookware, but there is nothing like your own.  They feel like home and you flow much better when you know the little tricks of your pans.  It may sound silly but I miss them so much, sometimes, that I get a little teary eyed.  Anyway, moving on.

I've always wanted a lasagna pan, I love to make lasagna but would either have to buy a large foil pan (which I hated doing) or use my largest glass cake pan, which wasn't all that big and I'd end up with a short lasagna, not very impressive.  When I saw this Bubble and Brown Lasagna Pan to match everything else I knew I found my gift to myself.  I only had to pay a few extra dollars for shipping and taxes and as a bonus it came with two mini sized Bubble and Brown dippers, so cute!  And, how can this bright fun color not cheer you up!  It makes me miss my cookware a little bit more but I have this piece for now, it puts a little spunk back into my kitchen time, too

So I would like to say thank you again to GBL for a wonderful giveaway and a special holiday treat.  I've already made a yummy, sky high lasagna (no more short, silly lasagnas for me!) Jasey and mom definitely thank you too, since they get to eat whatever I make!  They said it was my best lasagna ever I guess I was putting extra love and happiness into that meal since I was so excited to use my new pan!  If anyone ever needs to replace their pots and pans I definitely recommend Rachael Ray products.  I have not come across anything that I didn't like, they are durable, convenient and user friendly.  They also come in many different colors.  Oh, the colors, so much fun!!

 - I am thankful that, even with all the hard times, I am still able to feed my family healthy food -

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