January 07, 2011


As we all know I'm pretty horrible at regularly blogging, and I've already said that I am hoping to become better at it this year.  Looking back at the last few blog posts, well quite a few actually, I noticed that I was really slacking in the picture department.

I started an iWeb website through Mac a couple years before starting this blog.  We have family spread far and wide, even over seas, and this was a quicker and cheaper way to keep them up to date with the kids.  (Isn't that always the story)  I did pretty good for a while, then slowly started posting pictures less and less.  So what did I do, I created a blog!  If you suck at one site should you add another to your list?  So for the past year I've had two site mostly just sitting there with old pictures and posts and outdated information.

Well, I've decided that this will become my next Better Me improvement.  I will still use the old site as it was intended, posting pictures, since I can easily post 100 pictures a month and that would just be crazy to try and do on here.  But this improvement is two fold.  I've already said I want to blog more on here and in addition to that I need to post more pictures with my posts (it might help me with ideas sometimes, too!)

To begin, I'm cheating a little bit.  (The best way to start self improvement if you ask me!  Ha Ha!)  I just finished posting pictures on the other site to totally get me up to date, so I can start fresh.  Check out all the pictures here.  Click on '2010 to the end' to see all the pictures that I just posted and if you have never checked out the site before feel free to poke around a bit.

I don't want to totally cheat on this Better Me task, so here is a picture, just because they are cute.

 - I am thankful to have such wonderful kids, all three of them :)

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  1. Good job, Andrea!! Let me know what I can do to help.

    Also, if you just want to do pictures, younmight check out picasa or flickr for just dumping a bunch of photos. Blogspot might have a plugin widget for one of them.