July 26, 2011

Jibber Jabber...

For a few months, if you asked Ryan everyone was 'Daddy'.

Nite nite daddy.
Ok daddy.
And just plain ole' DADDY!!! if you walked in the front door.

Oh, except for Kirby, she knew his name.  She said it with a little french accent, too so it came out as 'Kurbet' (silent 'T' all french like)  It was super cute.

I remember AJ did the same thing, saying daddy before mommy.  I got some mamas in the beginning but when words and understanding started coming out daddy was in the forefront.  AJ would look me right in the eye, call me daddy and then laugh his little head off.  What a joker.  I didn't take it personally.

After a couple months of coaching I was no longer daddy, I was now 'bobby' and momah was either 'bobo' or 'boba'.  She didn't have a problem saying M's so I figure it was just some of her inherited sarcasm showing itself.  Then at the beginning of this month she just busted out with 'mommy'.  I nearly screamed...ok I did scream and I jumped up and down a little bit, I remember clapping my hands and believe that tears were stinging my eyes.  I'm not emotional or anything.

It really is one of the most exciting things along with when they first start to crawl or walk or any other milestone that parents can't wait for.  Then, do you know what happens when this milestone it met?  You wish for the time before that milestone.  First, because you are saddened that your little baby is growing up.  But mostly because now they can do it, and they know they can do it.  A dangerous combination.  Once a baby realizes they can roll over, scoot or crawl there is no more putting them in the middle of a bed or floor and knowing they will be there when you get back.  Once they can cruise, walk or (heaven forbid) climb you need to pack away anything that isn't nailed down or made of rubber, or you can kiss it good-bye.

When they start talking they don't run the risk of harming themselves or breaking any remaining vases you may still have left, so whats the big deal?  Have you ever been in a room or a car with a newly talking toddler and her 4 year old brother?  It never ends...

Now lets add a few more fun facts.  Noisy toys with one button that say the same thing over and over.  Rambunctious kids that never ever sit still.  Tattle tailing.  Half the time trying to figure out what the toddler is explaining to you or asking for so nicely.  Screams and cries from the constant toy taking and injuries.  The fact that no matter where you are they need to be in that same spot at that same time and they always have a very long drawn out story that they have to tell you, but only when you are talking to someone else.  The list goes on and on...moms feel free to add more fun facts.

Now to those of you that do not yet have children or have not reached this stage in your new little ones lives please don't fret.  Just as with child birth the wonderful out weighs the weary and it still makes you smile every time you hear that little tiny voice.  Or in my case the not so tiny voice coming out of the not so tiny toddler.  It's still cute though.

Ryan on the (fake, thank goodness!) phone
Here are some of my faves from Ryan's vocobulary...it really does go on and on...

'not nice' - if you try to feed her something she doesn't want
'you're so silly'
'beebees' - those are birdies
'blee' - that is her bear
'puppies, blanket'  - for bed time, just like her big brothers, she says them clear as day
'set, goooo!'  - says this everytime I stop at a red light
knows cow, monkey, snake, lion, horse, elephant, dog, cat, duck, mouse and many others and also knows all the sounds they make
says 'I sorry' and gives kisses
'hep'  - when she needs help with something
'I coloring' when she wants to color a picture or if she finds a pencil
tells Kirby to 'sit down' and 'stay'
Kirby has evolved from 'Kurbet' to 'Kirbac'
milk has evolved from 'kuh' to 'nilk'
doesn't just use yes and no to answers questions also says 'yep', 'yeah', 'm hmm', 'nope', 'no way' and 'nuh uh'
knows most of the body parts  - belly, hands, feet, toes, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, teeth...
loves 'books' and 'story' and can say both with no problem
knows some signs too (mommy hasn't been as dedicated with her) knows milk, apple, please, book, sleep, down, mommy, all done, baby and is still learning more
'fwuck'  - is a fire truck
'outside', 'shoes', lets go'  - she loves to be outside, she is going to be an outdoorsy girl
'tasty'  - when its good she'll let you know
she loves to dance and sings along by saying 'lalalala' to the tune of the music
says 'hohoho' when she sees a pic of Santa
says 'owl' when she picks up her owl pillow
knows letters and numbers  a,b,c,d,l,m,o,p,r,s,t,u,w,x and 1,2,3,5,6,9
signs and says 'I love you'
knows 'Toy Story', 'Buzz' and 'Whowee' which then became 'Woowy
also knows 'Dora' and 'Hoho' from Ni-Hoa, Ki Lan
started crawling her hand across the bed and said 'spii' - spider!  how awesome!
she is also stringing together sentences 'let's go, a ball, ok momah' - she wanted mom to take her over to play with a ball in the pool
also said 'what the heck, hmmm, I know!'  while trying to figure out how to get around something

She is truly amazing and even though sometimes I would love a few moments of silence so that my head doesn't explode I would so much rather listen to the sweet sounds of my kids blabbering away.  I guess I passed on the gift of the gab to them.  They didn't tell me that was a side effect when I kissed that darn Blarney Stone in Ireland!

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  1. lol I miss the non-moving baby stage. Now, I've got them running in all directions. And Ben's constantly upset because I don't have a penis.

    I, however, recently found myself telling the kids they couldn't talk to me before I'd had at least one cup of coffee. This came about because my youngest girl started talking to me on one particularly tired morning. I tried to pay attention, but all I could think was "Who the heck taught you German?!"