September 22, 2011


Over Labor Day Weekend Jasey, myself and the kids hopped on a plane and headed to DC for the weekend.  I posted the one picture of the 4 of us about a week ago all dressed up pretty, it was a good picture and we don't get gussied up very often so I had to share it.  But that picture didn't do justice to the rest of our weekend.  Site seeing, spending time with family or the beautiful bride we were there to celebrate (Don was very pretty too :)  So I will share all that now.

We left Thursday after Jasey got home from work.  It was the first time flying for both AJ and Ryan.  I was fairly certain that they would both do just fine and I was right.  Ryan sat in the middle on the flight there and could see over AJ so they could both look out the window.  I had plenty to keep them occupied and the trip went smoothly.  On the way back they both had a window seat which was nice.  They also both fell asleep immediately after take off which was even nicer.  

Friday we spent the day walking around DC.  We took the Metro to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and let the kids lead the way.  They had a great time.

Then we walked across the street and let them run on the Mall so that mommy could get some more touristy pictures.  The Capital and the Washington Monument

Last year for Memorial Day AJ learned about Arlington National Cemetery or as he calls it "the place where all the soldiers are buried".  So we hoped back on the Metro and headed to Arlington.  It was the first time Jasey and I had been there also.  It was pretty late in the day so we didn't go see all the tombs, this was about as far as we made it.  We didn't want the kids to have a breakdown in the middle of the cemetery so we took some photos and headed out.

Saturday we packed up and headed out to Stevensville, MD to where the wedding was going to be held.  That night was the rehearsal dinner at a place called The Jetty.  It was a very laid back place, sand on the ground, beer flowing and even this cool old boat filled with sand for the kids to play in, AJ and Ryan were there all night.

Then we had a feast of Maryland Crabs, mmmm.  This whole tray was for the four of us, that's a lot of crabs, but a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.  :)  Ryan even liked playing with them, that's my girl!

Stacey and Don, the Bride and Groom
Don, Stacey, Me, AJ, Ryan, Jasey, Jodie, Dan, Lyla

AJ striking a pose
Sunday arrived and we had the afternoon to fill, we ended up walking around the local outlet mall and then trying out a local place that was serving brunch.  Then we just let the kids relax and take a bit of a nap before we got ready for the wedding.  We are an exciting bunch, I know.  The wedding was held at a place called the Silver Swan.  We had directions and also Jodie and Dan's GPS but we ended up having a heck of a time finding the place.  We drove around in circles a couple times before taking a different turn and there it was.  As we pulled up the valet guy says "first of all, let me congratulate you on finding the place."  At least we weren't the only ones having trouble.  The wedding was wonderful and of course the bride was absolutely gorgeous.  AJ and Ryan were a bit antsy in the beginning but they both had a great time dancing, playing, coloring and even watching a movie in the kids area, awesome.  They were completely exhausted by the time we left which was before the night was over and of course we didn't make it to the after party :( but tired babies beat trump everything else.

We had an amazing weekend, it was so wonderful to see Stacey, Don, Jodie, Dan and Lyla and for such a fun reason!  Congrats to the newlyweds!

You can check out all of the wedding photos on the family site '2011' then 'weekend in DC' and 'DC wedding'

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  1. I love the picture of AJ and Ryan looking out over the water.