September 21, 2011

what is wrong with people...

So the other day after I drop AJ off at school I stop by Walgreens to get some packaging materials to ship a photo and frame to Nan in London.  As I pull into the parking lot I have to stop for a couple people crossing the road to their cars, no big deal.  These people are still in the middle of the road and this silver pick-up truck comes tearing around me.  All I see is a guy with blonde hair, he blows past the people and comes to an almost screeching halt in a parking space.  I mutter something like 'sheesh dude, chill out', calmly pull into my parking spot right in front of the door and head inside.  I don't even see this guy get out of his car.

I look at what I need to look but decide to not get anything and head for the front of the store.  I hear a cashier saying 'Ma'am, you can't be back there' and I see a head back almost behind the cash register.  The head belongs to a customer and the cashier was fixing something on one of the aisles.  Instead of saying oh sorry and ducking back out this lady keeps doing what she's doing and yells back at the cashier.  I don't know exactly what she said, but come on you are behind the counter lady, what idiot doesn't know they shouldn't be behind the counter.  So the cashier, who is walking to the counter, says something to her again.  I turn down a different aisle and can't hear anything else.  I'm just thinking what is wrong with people?

Until I get to the front of the store and the lady is now at the register and the cashier is ringing her up.  The lady all snotty says "I'm from the northeast where we know how to use manners."  The cashier replies "That's nice."  Haha. awesome!  I decide to glance over at this lady for a quick peek.  Tall, skinny, jean shorts and a polo shirt, short blonde hair...  "What? No!..."

So I get in my car and fiddle fart around with my purse.  I wait a few seconds till this lady walks out of the store.  Then I watch as she walks across the parking lot and gets into the drivers seat of the silver pick-up truck that whipped around me when I pulled in!  That was some nice manners she displayed when she almost hit my car and nearly ran over two people crossing the road!

This lady was behind me for about two miles on my way home till she turned a different way and the whole time was driving crazy, riding peoples butts and swerving with impatience.  Do they teach that in the northeast too?

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