May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kiddo...

Today AJ turns 5 years old.  Can't believe that it's already been 5 years since that chubby little pumpkin head entered our lives.  Right now instead of pictures I want to share a story that some of you have probably already heard but that I've never actually shared with everyone.  It's not a big secret or anything just one of those great stories that comes up at times but usually gets passed over.

It was the day after AJ was born.  I had already been moved from the recovery room to my postpartum room where I had to hang out for a couple days.  AJ was fat and cuddly and a perfect little (maybe not so little) baby. We had lots a of visitors. Friends and family in and out the whole 4 days we were there.

This particular day a couple was visiting us.  Our friends the Missets had played hookie from work and stopped by to visit after lunch.  Not long after they got there AJ had a newborn poop that wasn't quite entirely contained by his diaper.  Steve, being a new and seasoned father himself decided that he would show Jasey how to take care of this mess.  They took AJ over to the sink in the room to wash him off.

They had just stuck AJ's leg under the running water when our room door bangs open and a nurse springs into our room.  She is in attack mode, legs and arms spread, ready to take on the world.  Wild-eyed and crazy her eyes dart around the room taking in all the people as she exclaims "Where is the baby?!?"

We all sit stunned for a moment and stare back at her.  I'm thinking we are about to get in trouble for having too many people in our room or for making too much noise.  Then we slowly start to answer with glances, pointed fingers and mumbled "he's right there"s.  She immediately checks AJ's hospital bracelets, relaxes and leaves the room.

She returns a moment later to check everything again and then tell us that his baby lo-jac had tripped and triggered the alarm.  The anklet was still on him and intact...but wet.  Oops.  We put the entire hospital on lock down and it took about 20 minutes for them to get everything reset.  Apparently even the nursing staff didn't know that you weren't able to get the anklets wet.

They had to give AJ a new baby lo-jac so they could reset the system and it was wet.  Oops again.

When I went back for the hospital tour two years later before Ryan was born they now warned all the expectant parents not to get the anklets wet or risk putting the hospital on lock down.  At least I wasn't the only one to shut down the hospital.  They also told a story of a newborn boy with very good aim.  As his parents changed his diaper a stream arched perfectly and landed on the lo-jac around his ankle.  Lock down number two.

I can now tell AJ he's been a trouble maker from day one, literally.

Happy 5th Birthday to Antonio Jace Campbell, the best little dude a mommy could ask for!!!

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