May 28, 2012

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More random stuff from my iWeb account.  Don't feel like you need to read this but if you do and are totally confused it's understandable.  go check out the iWeb account before you can't anymore, everything will make much more sense...

There is no other way to put it, We Love Our Home!!!  I don’t believe it was what either of us pictured...the place, the time, the way it happened, it all took us by surprise.  It felt like home right away, but it just seemed to good to be true.  We had been in the house for almost a month and we both still felt like we were on a great vacation and we were going to have to leave soon, but here we are closing in on a year and still happy as could be. 
It is amazing how long it takes to get settled in a place.  I guess it is never actually done.  We are still figuring out where to hang some stuff, there is still painting to be done and I am constantly rearranging things.  We are always adding new plants to the outside and I just got curtains for the living room and our bedroom for Mothers Day.  So, while you are checking out the pictures in the albums (click on the pictures above and the albums will open) just remember that our home is still a work in progress and it probably always will be.    

is where we live.  You can’t see our bedroom window, it’s behind the palm tree, but that’s our balcony, front door and living room window.  Cute, huh?  We love it.  So far it has been a great place to raise our children, the two legged and the four legged kind.  We love out little ‘yard’ and all of our plants.  AJ and Kirby have a great time outside.  I don’t have room for an actual garden so I have improvised and planted myself an herb garden, you can see the pictures below.  I’m still brainstorming on how to be able to grow my own vegetables, big pots I guess! 
It’s a simple layout downstairs, living room, kitchen/dining area, half bath and laundry area and a one car garage.  There is also space between the living and kitchen that we have Kirby’s kennel and AJ’s playpen in, it works out well for now.  We know we could save room with smaller furniture but we love our big comfy couches!  We are going to repaint most of the blue walls, it wasn’t quite what we had in mind so we are going to give it another shot.  
’s simple upstairs too, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one confusing hallway, I used to get lost, I’d always turn the wrong way and go around the wrong corner.  It’s so small, I felt like an idiot!  The stairwell, hallway and AJ’s bathroom also need to be painted we decided not to do them before we moved in, 10 foot ceilings wear on you after a while.  I have a linen closet and a master bathroom, I couldn’t be happier!

a couple random pictures to start and then pics from our week at the beach.  AJ loves the water and liked the beach this year too.  though still a little unsure about the waves crashing on the beach, he would run away from them.  but he got broken in know, swallowing salt water and getting sand in his eyes, he is now a true floridian!  :)  he is swimming underwater in the pool and holding his breath like a champ, using his arms more too. though he is still learning how to keep himself afloat, all in due time.  we got hit by a few storms, usually later in the day when AJ was napping, so it worked out well.  
Names: Jasey, Andrea & AJ-to-be
Destination: England, To Visit Family, While 7 months Prego!
What we did: Toured London and Windsor, took Nan to see
“Wicked”, had a traditional 
Sunday Dinner and ate all 
the yummy English treats.
Mmmmmmm :)

Hi!  It’s me, I’m still here, I know it’s been a while.  
So, I started another blog, well an actual blog, since I consider this a website.  Don’t ask me what the difference is, because no matter what I say I’m sure Marshall will have a totally different explanation and since he is the computer guy, he will be right.  
I started this website to get pictures out to family and friends so that they could see AJ, and now Ryan, grow and to keep everyone up to date with the goings on with our family.  I will keep this site going but will probably mostly use it to post pictures, like it started out.  I’m hoping to slowly revamp it so that it’s a little less overwhelming and better laid out, let me know if you have any suggestions.
Suggestions is one of the reasons that I decided to start another blog, I have been trying for a long time to figure out a way to allow comments on this site but I just can’t seem to do it.  So i don’t know if it’s not something that is allowed or if I’m just missing that crucial ‘allow comments’ button hidden somewhere.  So instead of continuing to look I signed up at blogspot and have been trying to build a little blog there.
As I said I will keep this site for mostly pictures and brief family news.  The blog, I’m hoping, will be  Of course it will be a lot about the family because the family is my life but I’m hoping to really get into it so that it can be a way for me to share more of myself.  
oh yeah a link would help!
I also consider this a site because it always brings you to the home page and from there you have to figure out where the new stuff might be.  Which is why there are so many pages, i would always try to make it kind of easy to find the new stuff.  That is another thing I like about the blog, the newest stuff is always the first thing you see.  Both ways have their ups and downs I guess.  
OK, well, I could babble on forever about websites and blogs, even with my limited knowledge of them both.  I will stop here and post some pictures since it’s been almost 4 months since I have and I know you are all waiting to see how cute Ryan is, absolutely adorable is an understatement!
Don’t forget to visit the blog, let me know what you think, give me suggestions, become a follower (you’ll be the first!) and have you friends check it out, i need motivation to really get me going!

Six days from now Jasey and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary...*sigh*
       (this year is fruit & flowers and silk, nylon & linen)
Eight days from now i will be joining Jasey in the 30 somethings club...double *sigh*
Two days ago Ryan turned 3 months old...triple *sigh*
Four months from today AJ will turn 3...HOLY CRAP!!!
between the four of us we actually have things spread out nicely throughout the year, as far as celebrations go:
January - our anniversary and my birthday
May - AJ’s birthday
August - Jasey’s birthday
October - Ryan’s birthday 
then of course you have the holiday season
but the beginning of this year is a very overwhelming one.  nothing earth shattering, just enough to make it a little crazier then usual.  an anniversary, a 30th birthday, a 3 month old infant and a ball full of energy approaching his 3rd birthday make for a whirlwind at the start of a new year.  throw in a bouncy 3 year old lab and a daddy studying his bum off in school and you have one happy family :)
Jasey is now in his 3rd school term.  He goes to school every saturday and is gone from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm, with travel.  Each term is 8 weeks long and covers two classes.  I got completely spoiled for the holidays, he had the saturday after thanksgiving off and then the two saturdays after christmas and new years, but that is it no more saturdays off till next thanksgiving and christmas.  He is doing fantastic and is consistently getting A’s and B’s for presentations, exams and final grades.  we miss him terribly but are so proud of him.  He will be done with this program May 2011 and then we will figure out where to go from there.
AJ is becoming such a boy, the toddler is pretty much gone.  Sometimes i have to step back and remind myself that he still is a little kid and that some of the things that i want are too much for him.  He is so big but still so young, it’s hard.  He is doing great with potty training.  Sometimes there will be a little regression or we will have a busy day but he is very good about telling us if we are out and going by himself if we are home, not perfect yet but almost.  He even wears big boy underpants at home, it’s so cute!
Ryan is a champion sleeper.  At night I feed her about 9-ish, she’s usually asleep about 10 and sleeps through till about 7, then will fall asleep again for a little bit after eating.  she is still completely breastfed.  She is awake a lot during the day but still naps plenty, which is good for some mommy/AJ time.  And oh boy is she a talker!  She has some stuff to say and once she gets going there is no stopping her.  Although i have noticed she’s a bit camera shy, as soon as she thinks i’m going to get the video camera she gets quiet.  She doesn’t just have personality she has attitude!  and just like AJ she is a monster baby.  at two months old i had to start putting her in 6 month clothing because she outgrew all her 3 month clothes.
Kirby is going to be 3 the first week of February and although i love that dog more then i ever thought i could love a dog at all, sometimes he drives me nuts.  talk about men and their selective hearing, i think kirby is the worst of them all.  i try to be so calm and not yell at him but i have to yell to get him to pay attention.  if i ask nicely he ignores me. if i give a firm command he ignores me and walks away.  if i start walking toward him or tug on his leash and say ‘now’ he’ll dig in with all his might and ignore me while sneaking a glance at me to see how mad i am, then as i yell at him he’ll start like ‘oh were you talking to me?’ and then get a dejected sad look in his eye which of course makes me feel bad.  typical kid, but he does make me smile and i love him just the same.  
I have started to ‘diet’ as much as i can while breastfeeding, mostly just watching what i consume.  also trying to get into more of a workout routine, i go for walks and use my Wii Fit. We also signed back up at our gym.  there is a kid zone that runs for a few hours everyday so i can do a couple circuits or take a class even when jasey is at work or school.  AJ loves to play with the new toys and the other kids that are there, ryan usually sleeps.  I have also been trying to get my craft room back up to par so that it’s more organized and i can start sewing again.  i have also been going crazy collecting new recipes out of magazines so that i can try cooking some new stuff.  My plan is to randomly grab a recipe and go buy what i need to make it.  i’ve done a couple already and it worked out well.  i have to do little shops for now since i can’t fit much more in the basket after the kids are in it!
So no earth shattering news but i wanted to get back on here cause i know it had been a while.  i’ll let you all know how the big 3-0 treats me in the coming weeks!

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