October 05, 2012

moving on...

Summer was crazy and busy and fun.  We had lots of playdates, pool time, hanging with family and, with all of Jasey's and my cousins and friends, more births and announcements of new little ones to come.  It is a never ending parade of babies I tell you.  I love it!

With the end of summer we had a crazy new first.  AJ in Kindergarten!  yikes!  We met his teacher and walked him to class on the first day (and most of the first week).  By day two he didn't want to hold my hand once we got onto campus from the parking lot...really, already!?  After a couple days he was leading me to the classroom and by the end of the week I dropped him off and he walked by himself.  Talk about heart wrenching.  The first day of Kindergarten didn't bother me.  Him not wanting to hold my hand was slightly upsetting.  Seeing him walk away from the car with his big old backpack on and not being able to stay there and watch him and make sure he got to his class, that one actually made my heart hurt.  But he loves school, and his teacher, and buying lunch in the cafeteria (He buys about once a week) and singing, and learning all the cool new things they do in class.  He's having a great time. And just like that, more than a month has gone by.

Another big milestone in our household...Miss Ryan is potty trained!  We worked with her on and off for a little while.  I didn't want to push her but I wasn't being very consistent either.  I'd have her sit down at every change for a few days then I would realize that a week had gone by and I hadn't done anything in the training department.  In the middle of July she was doing pretty good and we had gotten into a routine.  She wasn't afraid to go anymore, which was an issue for a while.  Then I realized that we only had about a week of diapers left and I made the decision to just not buy anymore.  By the time we went through all the diapers and I recovered and used all the random ones from my little hidey holes Ryan had decided that she was ok with the potty too.  I don't know what made her change her mind, which I am positive was the only reason it hadn't happened earlier, the little ruler wasn't ready yet, but within a couple days she didn't have any problems.  Then, only a couple weeks later she decided that the potty was beneath her, she switched to the toilet and has not looked back.  She gets all high and mighty if I ask her if she needs to go potty or if she wants to sit on the potty, she will make sure to correct me and tell me, "Mommy I sit on the white toilet".  I mean, come on, potties are for babies, everyone knows that.  She is 2 going 20.

Jasey is moving too.  A wonderful opportunity come open at work and Jasey pounced on it.  It is finalized yet still in the works.  So that would be officially unofficial or is it unofficially official?  Either way it's his and paper work has gone through but we are waiting for the official move.  It's another one of those things that you feel like you are going to jinx if you talk about it, even though it's for sure.  OK, now I'm confusing myself, so I can only imagine how your head is hurting.

Our biggest news, we have moved!  Yes, again.  Yes, we weren't even at the other place for a year.  Yes, moving sucks.  But more importantly, Yes, We love it!!!  It's been two weeks since we moved and we are so glad that we did.  We liked the other neighborhood and the house but it was so big...too big.  It actually worked out perfectly because we had the room for Marshall and Deri to stay with us when they moved down here a couple months ago.  But they wouldn't be there forever and then it would just be so much house.  There was also the issue of Jasey having such a drive to work everyday.  That was an extra hour plus of us not being able to see him just from travel time.  We had already registered AJ at the local school before we made the decision to move and I had done so much research on that school that it was a big decision to have to register him somewhere else and also figure out how to deal with the timing.  We didn't plan to move until at least a month after school started and I didn't want him to get settled and then have to move schools so early in his kindergarten year.

Those were our two big concerns when moving.  Well we are now a half a mile down the road from Jasey's work and a mile around the corner from AJ's school.  AJ's school is also one of the top elementary schools in our county.  Plus, they let us register him at the school before we moved so that we wouldn't have to move him a month into the school year.  How could I not love this school from day one?!  We couldn't have picked a better location or a place we like more. It's been three weeks and it already feels more like home than the other place ever did.

Oh yeah, and we bought a new car.  It was sad to see Jasey's Tahoe drive away but we are very happy with the new addition.  Isn't she pretty?

It's been a wonderfully crazy few months.  I don't know what we are going to do when our lives settle down.  Though I think it will be a while before that has a chance of happening.  Here's to moving on!

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  1. Awesome! Congrats on all fronts! Miss you!