October 25, 2012

Officially Preschool Age...

Ryan is 3!!!!!!  Weighing in at 33 pounds and 37.5 inches tall.

Our little girly girl is no longer quite so little.

We went to a pumpkin patch the day before her birthday.  She wasn't totally thrilled about the sand getting in her shoes, lesson learned, but other than that we all had a great time.  We got there as soon as the farm opened and went on a hay ride.  Then we wandered through the pumpkins.  We always let the kids pick their own small pumpkin and we get a big family pumpkin.  We also took a peek in the market.  It was a beautiful day, the perfect day for the pumpkin patch.

AJ spent the night at my moms that night so it was just Ryan and us the next morning.  I was surprised when she woke up and remembered it was her birthday and started telling anyone that would listen.  I was even more surprised when I finally convinced her that she was no longer two.  She would argue with me when I told her she was three!!  We took the dog for a walk and had a yummy breakfast, that girl ate about 5 pieces of turkey bacon!  Isn't she pretty though?

It was a pretty lazy morning and early afternoon.  Mom and AJ drove down so we could all head over to Marshall and Deri's new house!  The kids swam in the pool and we had a birthday cookout.  It wasn't long after we ate that the kids started pestering us and asking when we were going to have cake.  So cake it was.   

I was a little unprepared when it came to the cake decorating part.  I am usually on the ball and start working on the cake a couple days in advance so I have enough time to bake and carve and decorate.  Although, I'd been thinking about it for a while I had never made a decision what kind of cake to make.  So I did what I could with what I had and this was the end result.  Kai-Lan and Hello Kitty.  Not my greatest creation to date but it was Ryan's favorite color and she knew who they were so all in all I'd say it was a success.  Though I've never had great handwriting and you can see why I prefer not to write anything on my cakes, especially without the proper tools.  

She got one of the candles blown out all by herself without spitting on the cake, awesome!  I helped her with the other two.  I didn't spit on the cake either.  

She had fun opening presents.  AJ helped whenever she had any trouble and most of the time that she didn't.  They were both so excited that there was no screaming or fighting over anything, any parents dream.  She loved her gifts, a Dora doll, a little Tinkerbell, new shoes, Hello Kitty and Princess magnet playhouses, new Kai-Lan and Hello Kitty t-shirts, new pajamas and her very own Mobigo (no more fighting over AJs).  It's so cute when they figure out presents and unwrapping.  It'll make for a fun Christmas this year!

It was a super low key day.  Everything went smoothly and the kids had a good time, how can I complain?

We are supposed to be going to Jasey's moms this weekend to celebrate again, extended birthdays are always great.  

I'm not sure if I can't believe that she's three or if I can't believe she's only three.  She is so well spoken and intelligent.  A complete turn around from a few months ago when I though she was going to be a terror everyday until she turned 20.  She definitely still has her own ideas and way of doing things but she listens and pays attention and understands when you tell her something.  It is truly amazing.  She is truly amazing.  

Ryan Addison
9lb 9oz  

Happy 3rd Birthday Wiggle Worm!
I love you!!!

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