April 16, 2013

25 Random Things from 2009...

Found this under my notes on Facebook, written the end of January 2009.  Thought it would be fun to share it again!

write 25 random things about yourself.

1. it baffles me that i get the same surveys on the same day from people that don't know each other. i wonder how this happens and who starts them. i am easily baffled.

2. i am a huge stickler for proper grammar and punctuation...except when i'm typing, i don't know why.

3. i love healthy food but if i could eat junk food all the time, i would.

4. one of my favorite words is gorky, a cross between goofy and dorky, i think i may have made it up.

5. i am more intelligent than i am willing to admit, again i'm not sure why.

6. i wish that there was some way to record my dreams while i was dreaming them, if there was, shrinks would have a field day with me.

7. i over analyze.

8. i always feel like kirby needs more attention and i'm being a bad puppy mommy.

9. there are some things that i will never tell people, that i know i should.

10. i do not miss the past, nor do i live in it, but sometimes i wish it had lasted a little bit longer.

11. i would love to be able to explain myself fully. i'm a lot more complex then i seem.

12. plain and simple, i love to read. 

13. i am beyond weird, even people that know me and know how weird i am, really have no clue how weird i am.

14. someone told me that i am shy but outgoing, which is exactly how i've always thought of myself.

15. i love tom petty and jimmy buffett.

16. it cracks me up that i was a cheerleader in high school, i loved it but never really took it seriously.

17. i am a girly girl in denial, the denial keeps winning.

18. i always said that i wanted to be a teacher when i grew up, actually i wanted to be one of the fly girls on the show 'in living color' and/or a backup dancer for music videos.

19. though i am a strong woman who believes in equality (blah, blah, blah) i can't help but love hip hop and rap music, which is so degrading towards women...but i still love it.

20. i will almost always do and say the right thing, i'm just too nice for my own good.

21. i am a black and white person that usually floats within a very large gray area, try to figure that out.

22. i love my husband more then i usually remember to tell him.

23. AJ drives me totally crazy sometimes but all i have to do is look at him and i smile.

24. i try my hardest to keep it from being noticeable but i think i'm a little bit OCD, though i come by it honestly.

25. i have a great memory but i remember the strangest things.

well my 25 is up, it was fun, maybe i'll do another installment in the future, just because.

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