February 28, 2014

Classic Kid Tale...

I wanted to tell you a story that happened about month ago (sometime in January, I don't remember exactly) and popped back into my head the other day.
It's about this little goober.

(The above pictures have nothing to do with the story.  They were taken around the same time and I figured I would share the impromptu photo shoot she insisted on in the middle of Sports Authority.)

Most of you know that I go for a walk every morning.  I get up stupidly early so I can get a little bit of exercise (and peace and quiet) in before Jasey leaves for work and the house explodes with children.

I got going a little late one day and was greeted by Ryan who is not normally an early riser.  AJ knows the routine by now but he was still sleeping so I made sure Ryan understood that I was going for a walk and was also going to take Kirby with me.  I told her to go get daddy if she needed anything.  I turned on the TV, gave her some cereal to snack on and locked the door.

When I retuned with Kirby I made sure she was ok and told her I was leaving again.  I ran through the same directions.  Mommy was walking, stay inside and get daddy if you need anything.  "OK, mommy."  I locked the door behind me and off I went.

About half way through I was passing by our building and randomly looked down the street.  I noticed something on the front step between us and our neighbors.  I thought it was a bag of garbage the neighbors set there or maybe Jasey's gym bag that he set outside preparing to leave.  Not that either of those things had ever happened.  I started walking that way to see what it was…when it moved!!

I realized it was Kirby!!!

So I rushed over to make sure he was ok and see what was going on.  No one was around and nothing was out of the ordinary, except that Kirby had managed to get through a locked door.  But, when I looked up the door was ajar just a bit, closed over but not shut.  And certainly not locked.  My heart jumped and I looked around again but didn't see anything weird.

I let Kirby back in and called Ryan's name up the stairs.  She immediately answered and said she was fine.  Then we had this conversation…

"Ryan, did you know Kirby was outside?"
"How did Kirby get outside?"
"I let him out."
"The door was locked right?"
"Yes, I unlocked it."
"Why did you unlock the door and let him outside?"
"I told him to go find you so I could talk to you."

Blank stare, jaw dropped and crickets played in my head.  I didn't know how to respond!
I did shake my head and giggle because even though I wasn't sure what I was expecting her answer to be, I never could have expected that answer!

Of course I made sure to tell her that it was dangerous and she can't just open the door to let Kirby out.  Someone could take him or he could get hit by a car.  I also made sure to tell her what a good job she did by not going outside and trying to find me herself because that is very dangerous too.

I will never forget the confused, dejected look on Kirby's face as he lay outside the door or the matter of fact way that she explained to me that Kirby was sent on a mission to find me and bring me to her.

It's one of those stories that you have to share because it is a classic kid tale.

Today I am thankful for the problems in my life and how they remind me how lucky I am.

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