May 06, 2010

LIttle Ruler...

When picking out a name, we went through pages of possibilities before agreeing on Ryan. It wasn't on any of the original lists of names we liked, but we both immediately knew this was her name. Then I looked at the origin and meaning, an Irish name meaning 'little ruler', sounded good. She is a wonderful baby. She's not a crier, she eats great and sleeps like a champ. She has the best smiles that light up her eyes and a baby laugh that melts your heart.
She can also screech like a hawk. Long, drawn out, high-pitched, makes you want to rip your ears off, delightedly happy shrieking. (Jasey and I have both tried to imitate her but only succeed in ending up in a coughing fit.)

It was very early in her second month that she started babbling. It was amazing, all of a sudden she was awake for long stretches of time throughout the day talking the whole time. AJ was never that vocal, he was usually more content just looking around. Ryan, on the other hand, seems to be picking up a new sound or inflection every other day, she wants to let us know what's going on in her little baby brain.

Then came the day that she realized that if she 'cried' we would pop our head over the side of her playpen and see if she was ok, to which she would grin.
Once we got used to that trick, she started pushing out tears because she knew tears got her picked up, to which she would grin...and giggle.
Now she bounces in her jumper, laughing and babbling, which turns into fake fussing. We talk to her to let her know we are there, she stops and looks at us,'s not good enough.
She starts bouncing so hard the jumper is banging and playing it's crazy music. She talks non-stop and will try a few tears...and then the screeching begins. Kirby starts pacing around me and glancing at me with scared puppy eyes. AJ starts jumping on the couch and yelling at the top of his lungs that I need to "change Ryan's diaper" and "feed her, faster!" ("Thank you AJ, mommy can handle it") Soon, the whole household is focused on our little 6 month old, chubby chipmunk, just what she wants, but it's not enough, she is still shrieking. So, I give in and pick her up. The house is immediately silent. Then she grins...and giggles...and looks at me with an unmistakable gleam in her eyes that says, "HAHA, Sucka!"

So all those months ago when we decided on a name for our new baby girl, the final addition to our family, we had no clue how perfect that name would actually be for her and how quickly we would realize it. There is no doubt that this ball of shrieking power really is the 'little ruler' of the household. We are in big trouble.

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