May 15, 2010

Shuttle Atlantis

Friday, Jasey took the day off of work (an amazing event in it's self), the four of us hopped in the car and drove to Titusville to watch the final launching of the Shuttle Atlantis. The timing for it was perfect, AJ is really into rocket ships and his birthday is a little over a week away. We figured a little trip to see a real life rocket would be a fun pre-birthday surprise. You can see the launch pad between Jasey and me. We were 12 miles away and had a great view.

We got to Titusville about 3 hours before the launch, our only plan was to find a place along the 5 mile stretch of road running along the river to set up camp and wait for the main event. We found a great spot right on the water under a couple palm trees so we had some shade for Ryan, it was perfect! Although, AJ discovered why it is not smart to run your hands up and down a palm tree trunk, poor guy got splinters in both hands. :(

It was great spot and we were surrounded by lots of other people, from different states and a few from different countries, that had come to watch the shuttle.

Our perfect spot also happened to be right next to a restaurant. We had stopped and grabbed lunch on our way so we didn't need food but as an added bonus this restaurant was serving margaritas for $2.50 and a server was even coming out into the crowd and taking margarita orders! Jasey and I decided to partake in the tequila and lime concoctions. Yummy!

AJ had a special treat too, a huge chocolate milk all to himself while we settled in and got ready for the final countdown. We really did have an absolutely perfect view.

Ryan was very excited. She actually did great all day and ended up falling asleep not long before the launch, though the rumbling woke her up so she technically didn't miss it.

AJ was starting to get a little antsy and we had to keep reminding him that we were about to see a rocket ship, then everyone started counting. 10, 9, 8, 7, soon as he heard the crowd he climbed up in daddy's lap and looked out over the water, he knew what was coming.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...We have lift off

It was amazing to see and and not as loud as we were expecting. Though, that worked out well since we didn't know how Ryan would react to the noise. AJ, despite being tired, having splinters in his hands and getting bit by an unidentified insect, had a great time and was very excited that he got to see a "rocket ship blast off to the moon in outer space" Since being home he has watched the launch no less then 20 times on the computer, over and over and over again.

It was a first for both Jasey and myself and we've already talked about going again, we would love to see a launch when it's dark. Maybe one of the last two, scheduled later this year, will be at night or in the early morning.
I know AJ is still young but I hope that this is something that he remembers when he is older. It was definitely a great day and a fun family trip. We are so glad we went!

Also, AJ and Ryan will have pictures to prove that they were there! Including this one that shows what a great time that AJ had :)

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  1. That is an amazing birthday adventure for a child! Hopefully the pictures will help him remember it.