January 10, 2012

A Little Belated...

Happy New Year!!!
It's 2012!

I'm a little behind, as usual, but wanted to say Happy New Year! all the same.  As you can see Jasey and I had a wonderful new year.  The kids stayed with my mom and we headed to a friends wine bar to ring in the new year.  Jasey cooked up this idea only a few days before the 31st.  A friend of his from the program at FAU started this wine bar just a few months ago and we have been trying to make it there to check it out.  We booked a bed and breakfast right around the corner from the bar and Jasey made dinner reservations.  

After mom got out of work on Saturday we dropped the kids off with her and headed to Stuart, since that's where the bar is located.  After driving around the block and making sure we knew where everything was we checked into our B and B, a little place called Inn Shepard's Park.  It was a very cute little 4 bedroom, open air, Key West style house.  We stayed in the Rustic Riverview room, it was very cute and the bed was so comfy!  I didn't feel at all weird about poking around the main part of the house and the little garden outside.  I even bumped into a couple of other guests and chatted/made pleasantries.  We helped ourselves to a snack and took a short nap before getting ready to head out.

About a block and a half away was the marina where we had dinner reservations.  A place called the Sailor's Return.  They had a limited menu for the new year crowd but we had no trouble finding lots of yummy things to eat.  Too many yummy things in fact.  After a few drinks, appetizer, dinner and dessert I was in pain.  I haven't been that full in I don't even know how long.  I knew I was overeating at the time but I couldn't help it, everything was so tasty and we were heading out after that so I couldn't get a doggie bag, there was no where to put it!  We relaxed for a moment until I was sure I would be able to leave without rolling out the door.  

From there we had another short walk to the wine bar, Crush.  What a great place and Mario is the nicest guy.  I had never met him before dispute the fact that he and Jasey went to school together for 2 years.  From the moment we walked in the door he was nothing short of an amazing host.  He made it feel like you were walking into his home.  Though in a way Crush as been like his home for the past few months, you can tell that a lot of feeling went into the place, it's not a hobby or an after thought.  I'm not a big wine drinker, I'll have a (half) glass every now and then but I would definitely love to go back to Crush time and time again.  Too bad it's not closer.

I was still overly full and uncomfortable from dinner (seriously, I cannot express this enough) but I made use of my lazy time by sitting on one of the many comfy couches and checking out the place from my vantage point.  It was relaxed but not boring, sleek but not trendy, fun but not childish, sophisticated but not stuffy.  They have a vending system of sorts for the wine.  You buy a card when you walk in and load as much money on it as your wish.  Then all around the bar there are cases set up with open bottles of wine in them.  You place your card in the slot, decided how much of which wine you would like and as the machine dispenses your wine it deducts the money from your card, awesome!  

My stomach finally eased up just before midnight and I toasted the New Year on my feet and smiling, woohoo! This is the first year that we have gone out since being married and having kids, I did miss AJ and Ryan but they had a great night with lots of treats from Momah and were asleep by 10 anyway.   We met a few of Mario's friends and I some how made another 'friend' all my own.  A nice yet slightly toasty woman that talked to me about, I'm not sure what, before disappearing into the night.  Mario's friends were a fun bunch.  I am a shy person so it takes me a while and I feel awkward but they were easy to talk to and by the end of the night we were all dancing and having a great time.  

We were the last to leave the bar at about 2 in the morning, later than I have been up in a long time.  It was a nice, short walk back to the B and B which was good since Jasey indulged in wine the way I did with food that night, also the exact reason that we were staying the night at a place close enough to walk to and from...clever, clever.  Safety first!  We made it back to the B and B and for a brief moment thought we were locked out, but we weren't!  We both passed out as we were falling into bed.  But mommy mode had me up before 8 that morning, ugh.  After a lovely breakfast of homemade quiche, fresh baked blueberry muffins and hot tea we were on our way home.    

I didn't make any resolutions this year, I think I do better day by day.  Also, considering I already got much healthier last year it was kinda pointless to resolve to do that this year.  I was trying to think up a belated resolution (I do everything belated)  I came up with something along the lines of be more assertive but in the same thought came up with let things go.  Maybe I should try to stop over analyzing everything, like whether or not I let things slide too often or if I should tell people how I feel more often.  Or maybe the glaringly obvious one, stop being 'belated' all the time!  Oh well, I am who I am, don't like it? Tough!
(that was assertively letting things slide..you see what I did there?) :)

I hope you enjoyed our New Years adventure as much as we did.  Have a wonderful 2012!

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