January 15, 2012


I never got a chance to share with you our news and the story behind it, so here goes...When Jasey was first hired at OD we started talking about what our next step was as far as living arrangements.  Everyone was starting to get a little edgy, we knew mom wanted her space back, I was getting very stressed and yelling more, it was even starting to wear on the kids, they had little space to play and no place to get away from each other (hence my yelling).

We went and checked out a few places and got some rough numbers.  Out of the places we looked at we found one we really liked and said that is the one lets keep an eye on it.  We knew that we wouldn't be able to move right away and decided if we buckled down that by September, or October at the latest, we should be able to be on our own again.  That, of course, is a fine time line when life is filled with leprechauns and unicorns. But life is filled with, well, reality.  

I can't even begin to recollect the seemingly daily twists and turns that kept coming up, I just remember the feeling of every time we got things straight another collision with life would occur.  We kept pushing our moving date back further and further until we thought, heck it'll be next March before we are "back on our feet".  So we set a new date.  Then things started looking a little better so we set a new one, the first of the year.  January 1st was our time.  Then it was the 15th, crap...then it was the first again....grrrrrr, frustrating!  Just before Ryan's birthday we decided that the first was the perfect date, everything was in order, we were going that weekend to put a deposit down on the apartment we had decided on 2 months earlier.

Jasey called, made an appointment and started doing a little bit more research on the place.  Good thing he did!  The place had horrible reviews in the previous 3 months.  Rude staff, terrible maintenance, sketchy neighborhood goings on and thefts!  No thank you.  So back to the drawing board.

Instead of going to reserve our new home that weekend we went up to our town house to get something out of the attic.  While Jasey was talking to our tenant I took the kids for a little walk around our old neighborhood.  And then I sighed.  I remembered our three years in our first home. And then I got sad.  On the drive home I told Jasey that I wasn't going to be able to drive up there with him anymore because it made me sad to see our place with someone else's things in it.

That night we went out for a drink to talk about the idea of moving back to our old community.  We had both agreed on the other place because we thought the other person liked it and the other person wanted to be there and that it would be good for the other person, but we were both kind of doubtful of it.  I didn't want Jasey to have the long drive but he didn't want that extra time in the car to be taken away from the family.  He didn't mind the drive and I didn't mind the extra time, it was still less than I had dealt with in the past.  We decided to look in Abacoa for another place.

Barely two weeks into that hunt things were going no where fast and we were frustrated.  Every place that we liked was either already under contract or didn't allow pets.  Jasey started looking in other communities and in other towns.  In his first search he spotted a place in a new community, a place we had only heard of for the first time a few months back.  Instead of north it was a little south and a lot west, but the kind of area we knew would be perfect for us.  We went to check it out an hour after the posting went up.  Two days later we were filling out Lease Agreements and HOA applications.  Two weeks later we were approved and had the OK to move in.

In the middle of November we rented a uHaul truck and loaded up all of our things that had been in storage for the past year and a half.  We stayed one last night at moms and loaded everything from her house up the next day and unloaded it all at our new place.  Two days after we moved in we loaded the car back up and headed to Georgia for a week for Thanksgiving.

It was a crazy two days of cleaning, finding and setting up the necessities, getting the kids settled so that they had a smooth transition, unpacking what we would need right away, trying to figure out where those things would go, packing for a week long trip and figuring out where everything was that we would need for that trip.  Of course all while trying to maintain a semi normal life, keeping the house in working order and entertaining two small kids one of which still needed to be driven to and from school everyday.

Madness I tell you! and completely worth it.  We had a great time in Georgia and we have since settled, rather nicely, into our new place.  We are renting and don't know what the future holds so it's a little hard to call it a home yet but we are all very comfortable and hope that we will be here for a while.  We are still doing some unpacking and figuring things out but that would be no different anywhere else.  Kirby has more space, the kids have their own areas to play alone if they want to and I have noticed that I am not as stressed anymore, so less yelling!  woohoo!

I will do another post to tell you about the house and even post a few pics.  So stick around!

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