January 24, 2012


I was just updating my profile (because I ended up on that page somehow...honestly, I'm really not sure how I got there).  As I was saving changes I noticed that it said I'd been on Blogger since March 2010 and I thought "wow it's been almost a year since I started this blog".  As my mind processed that thought it started arguing with itself and I realized that "Holy crap I started this blog almost 2 years ago!"  I really have to get my butt in gear here.  I'm just not a good blogger.  I will continue to write when ever the moment grabs me and I will continue to claim I will try to do better.  But the fact is, I've come to terms with the fact that I am not the best blogger, it's time you did the same.  :)  Talk to you again soon!

Guess whats coming up!?!

Tales from my mommy hood...

AJ  - He loves 'Cars 2' and would watch it daily if I let him.
         One day we were out buying new house phones and AJ decided the customer service person was the perfect person to inform that we had "moved to a new house".  She was polite and feigned excitement  so he told her "yea, it's really big".  When he then explained that it was so big it "had an echo" I explained we didn't have the furniture to fill the space so it was pretty empty.  She was impressed that he knew what an echo was.   AJ caught onto the fact that I said we didn't have a lot of stuff and with the way little minds work he blurts out "well, there is a lot of crap in the pink room"  We are a little shocked and give a little giggle which is just enough for him to then exclaim "yea, there's a lot of $h!t in the pink room".  Ok time to leave, thanks for the phones!

Ryan - She can recite almost word for word her Ni-hao, Kai Lan videos, every character and every tone.
            I'm trying to give her more freedom when we are out so that she learns to listen instead of doing whatever she wishes (cause she has a mind of her own).  So I let her wander a bit in Costco and as she started to round a corner I told her to stop.  She stopped, turned around and faced me, then stood there all defiant.  I told her to come to mommy or sit back in the basket.  She told me "No!" gave me a scowl-ly face and then in one fluid movement turned around, crossed her arms, shifted her weight to one side, stuck her leg, sank into her hip and stood there with her back to me.  It was very cute, I couldn't help but giggle and shake my head, but if that girl had been 12 instead of 2 she would be grounded for a week!

The two of them, man do I have my hands full!

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