November 26, 2012

Garden Surprise, Update...

The storm took down all of the pumpkins and killed off most of the watermelons.  :(

There are some new watermelons that are pretty big but with the weather changing they seem to have come to a halt.  I'll have to try and get to one so I can cut it open and check it out.

A few vines have taken over the back of moms yard, the original place that they were planted and one vine even started to put out a little watermelon.  It got to about 4 inches, then the last time I saw it it seemed to be turning yellow, so it's mostly likely a goner, but maybe the vine will survive and produce something next year.  Here's hoping.

I'm still holding out hope that there is a pumpkin vine that survived somewhere in the mass of trees and vines between the two properties and that one day I will see a bright orange ball peeking out at me mostly hidden and protected.  Hey a girl can dream.

We also pulled up the remnants of the garden, with one surviving strawberry plant which was transplanted to a pot and about 8 small sweet potatoes which tried there hardest amongst the over grown weeds.

So for now our garden adventures are over.

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