April 12, 2011

Just A Little Reminder...

Yesterday AJ was nice enough to remind me of something.  It was early evening and I was sitting on the floor.  Ryan walked by and I grabbed her and laid back giving her belly kisses and tickles.  As far as I knew AJ was in the kitchen with Daddy.

I was wrong.

Next thing I know all 46 pounds of my firstborn child comes down, butt first, right where he first entered this world.  For those of you that had 'normal' births, go north a few inches.  Ok sure he's almost 4 years old so thats a pretty old scar, except that it was the same place from which his sister made her debut appearance, too.  Less than 18 months ago.

18 months is the general amount of time that is recommended between pregnancies when you have a c-section.  Not between births...between pregnancies.  This gives your body time to recover and your uterus time to heal fully to reduce the risk of rupturing during the next pregnancy.  So that means the kids should be 27 months apart (or 2 years 3 months).  Of course, plenty of people have had kids closer then that by c-section and have been fine, heck we are pretty much just at the cutoff.  AJ and Ryan are 2 years 5 months apart.

Usually he will growl and say "I'm gonna get you mommy" or something else along that line, but...I had no clue he was there and absolutely no warning.  Luckily Ryan was already climbing over me so I didn't have to worry about dropping her.  I'm not sure if I yelped or cried out but Jasey could hear that I was in pain.  I had to lay there for a moment and then Jasey needed to help me up off the ground.  I was very careful moving for a while and ended up missing ballet last night.  I was prepared to call the doctor this morning or even go to the emergency room last night, I was knew there was still a slight possibility of the scars reopening.  But I seem to have healed up pretty nicely and don't have any signs of internal bleeding, woohoo!

I had no time to tighten up or protect myself and was laying on a hard surface so when he hit me there was no where for everything to go except out.  If you sit on a balloon thats on the ground, it can only squish out to the side so far before it pops.  I felt like I almost popped.  The incisions were still sore and swollen but were going down, finally.  Though after last night I feel like I have some internal bruises and have been getting pains and cramps that I haven't gotten in about 6 months.  Luckily I'm not having trouble sitting up or using my upper abs, it's all lower and more to the sides.  Though I still want to lay in bed and moan at times.

So I guess AJ just wanted to give me a little reminder...of what I'm still not sure.  Maybe it's a reminder of how far I've come in the last 18 months and I shouldn't get frustrated with my body.  It's doing what it needs to do and taking the time it needs to do it properly.  Maybe it's reminder of how lucky I am to have such beautiful children and live in a time that they were able to be born in a way that was safe for them and myself.

Or maybe he was just being a little boy who wanted to play with his mommy and sister and for the slightest moment forgot to be careful of mommy's boo-boo.

   - Today I am thankful that I am able to whine a little bit and then move on and continue to enjoy my life. -   Thanks for listening to me whine :)

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