April 28, 2011

Say What?...

As Ryan continues to learn the english language she keeps us entertained and guessing.  It also takes us back to when AJ was learning to talk.

There are a few things that I don't think I will ever forget from AJ's Toddler Speak days.

My all time fave has to be 'hurkle'  It was especially cute because he would get the back of the throat sound like he was saying Chuppah or Hanukkah.  'Hurkle' was his word for freckle.  It was very short lived since, even though I loved when he said hurkle I would correct him and he quickly learned the proper term.  Though I still call them hurkles sometimes.

Other favorites are...'cho-loc-et' for chocolate, 'ploblem' for problem, and we may never know why but he called Kirby 'PT' until he was two years old.

Of course Ryan is still learning but she already knows a lot, she understands what you are saying to her and can sometimes answer.  She definitely knows when she is tired and wants to go to bed.  If there is a blanket or puppy available she will grab it and head for her crib, if the door is closed she will stand at it, turn her head and say 'nite, nite' then stare at the door till someone opens it for her.

She loved the word 'no' for a long time but is using 'yah' just as equally now and uses both correctly.  No was very cute because she had so many different ways of saying it, it could be 'No no no no no', 'Noooooooooo' or a short and sweet 'no'.

I loved when she learned the word 'kisses'  she said it perfectly and then would lean in and pucker up her lips and go 'mmmmm, ah'  Though the 'mmmmm' part could last whole minutes if you let her keep going.

She used little sentences pretty early on, a benefit of an older sibling I'm sure.  But things like "that's my toy", "no more milk", "go lay down", "what is this?" and "I did it" were coming out of her mouth at 15 months!

She is signing and saying words together like AJ did at this age, though sadly I haven't been as diligent with Ryan as I was with AJ.  She still says and signs 'milk', 'more', 'eat', 'down' and 'please' among others.

My faves for her right now are 'bye, sees' as someone is leaving for 'Bye, see you later'.  'a goo goo' is a good girl.  'ee, eh' is The End when we are done reading a book.

But my absolute favorite right now?  She will walk up to you with her hand in the air in front of her and say 'hoh, pwi'  which is 'up high'.  Every once in a while she will change it to 'hah fi' which is high five.  She loves to give high fives and will give them over and over as long as someone is willing to play along.

They are so cute, I love them!

A word to any new mother.  As with everything don't rely on your brain to remember these little things they say and do.  I have all sorts of little pieces of paper which I have used to jot down things they say or do, they are so fun to go back and look over.  They grow up so quickly.

 - I am grateful for my family and that they are all happy and safe -

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