January 14, 2013

April 25th...

On to another 'blog suggestion'.  The topic of my 'favorite time to go to the beach' was recommended.  This immediately made me giggle.

I will tell you why, which will also explain the title of this post.

It made me think of the movie 'Miss Congeniality'.  Cheryl the contestant from Rhode Island is asked to "...describe your idea of a perfect date." To which she answers, "That's a tough one.  I'd have to say April 25th.  Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."

The idea of your favorite time to go to the beach could make a number of people answer in completely different ways.  As with life, most things get split into two groups.  I don't generally agree with this but for the sake of this post, I will.

The mention of time would make the first group of people think of a time of day.  Their answers could range from Sunrise, Sunset, Mid-day, Happy Hour, or 10:15 pm.  They'd all have their own reasons.  I would think that these will mostly be people that live by the ocean, beach bums, those practicing yoga on the beach, etc.

The other group of people will think more generally and give a time of year.  Mid-summer, early spring, anytime during a 'Florida Winter'.  These are going to be people that only spend a weeks vacation by the beach, snowbirds, people that live a couple miles from the beach but never seem to make it there, etc.

A third group could be added (because I like to contradict myself) but it would mostly consist of indecisive people (like me) that will like the beach at different times of the year and day for different reasons.

I like the cooler weather of the Winter months (usually, *sigh*) and the low cloud cover over the sand but along with that there is usually a lot of wind and I do not like the free sand blasting my legs get, even if it does exfoliate my skin.

I like the Summer sun, bright blue skies and flat glass like water.  But in the middle of a Florida summer you can only stay out there for so long.  Sweat, sticky sand, the layer of salt dried to your body making it hard to even smile.  Stormy skies are amazing to watch rolling in on a day like this but then you have to pack up all the gear you brought with you and when you try to go back out the next day you have to fight with the lines of seaweed along the shore.

If it's cool, it's too choppy.  If the water is clear, there is no breeze.  If there is a nice breeze, the sand is scorching.

Anytime I go to the beach I have a great time and I simultaneously can't wait to leave.

I know it sounds like I am a beach party pooper.  I've lived in South Florida my entire life (less almost two years) and more specifically I've been in Palm Beach County that whole time.  Never more than a few miles from the ocean.  The beach isn't my absolute favorite place but it definitely holds a special place in my life.

I've been to the beach every season, every month, every time of day.  I've seen the sun rise.  I've laid in the hot afternoon sun.  I've fed seagulls out of the palm of my hand as they hovered above me floating on the wind.  I've watched storms roll in.  I've watched the sun go down.  I've walked along the water hand in hand, after a late dinner.  I've been on the beach after midnight and watched sea turtles come to lay their eggs.  I've witnessed nests of babies erupt from the sand and follow the full moonlight to the water.  I've seen the moonlight reflect on the waves and look like lightening.  I've played and gotten knocked around in waves more than two times my size.  I've been the only shade for miles for schools of tiny fish that find shelter next to my ankles.  I've strolled the waterline picking up shells and sea-glass and wondered what corner of the world they came from.  I've spent a few hours at the beach a couple miles away.  I've stayed for a long weekend along Florida's West Coast.  I honeymooned for a week on the beaches of Jamaica.

The beach definitely holds a place in my life, and heart.

All things considered I think Cheryl from Rhode Island was on to something, April 25th is a pretty perfect date.  Although, for the beach, the other 364 days aren't bad either.

Today I am thankful for the sunshine.

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