January 10, 2013


Yesterday evening there was a PTA/SAC meeting at AJs school.  PTA is starting to get their board together for next year and the President and I talked earlier that day about what role I might like taking on next year.  At the end of the conversation I told her I'd see her that night.  SAC was going to be talking about school safety, it being the first meeting since Sandy Hook, a lot of the things I've already received notice about.  Also to be discussed were results from diagnostics testing completed before break.  The tests didn't effect me or AJ but it's still nice to know whats going on.

I am only assuming that these subjects and more were discussed.

I never made it to the meeting.  It's the first one I've missed.

There was no catastrophic event like a car accident or anything.  But I could not get myself out of bed to shower and get going.

I'd had a small headache all day and since we had no medicine in the house I decided to just drink more water and keep a few snacks handy.  Things that usually work on a little headache like what I had.  It really wasn't bad.  Then I went to pick up AJ, as usual, on my bike.  He had ridden his bike that morning with me so I wouldn't have to drag him home in the Burley, great!

About an hour after getting home the dull ache I'd had all day suddenly pounced.  Hot flashes, stomach knots and waves of nausea followed suit.  I tried to get comfortable on the couch but the sound of the kids and the light coming through the closed blinds was more than I could handle.  The soft couch cushions and pillows felt like bricks.

I was in tears.  And of course crying with a migraine only succeeds in making it worse.

Kirby tried to give me comfort and kisses.  Ryan brought me some 'food' from her kitchen.  AJ was such a good boy and tried to keep Ryan quiet while they played in their room, he even closed the door.

After letting Jasey know it was really bad, and him responding he'd be home ASAP I made my way upstairs.  It was another 20 minutes before he made it home with medicine and by that time luckily the worst of it was over.  I took some meds and thought if I hopped in the shower it would help me feel even better and that maybe I could make it to the SAC meeting and possible catch the end of the PTA meeting if I hurried.

Next thing I knew it was 11:00 pm.  But I felt so much better.

I was awake for close to an hour and starting to worry that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.  Finally I did and had no trouble sleeping through until my alarm went off at 5:00.  I had slept for nearly 12 hours.

I used to get migraines all the time when I was little.  It was like clock work when I was in elementary school.  Luckily I don't get them nearly as often anymore.  I can only think of a small handful of times that I've had to call Jasey home early from work, including yesterday.  Only a few more times that I've been down for the count on a weekend or trip.  I do not miss the regularity of them from when I was younger.  Maybe that's a good side effect of mine after having kids, fewer migraines.  Interesting theory.

I decided to take it easy this morning.  I took Kirby for his normal walk but opted to drive AJ to school this morning instead of biking.  It was already a scheduled day off from the gym, so I'm not missing out on much fitness time.  I am about to go take some more medicine because I still feel a little foggy and off, I certainly don't need, or want, a repeat of yesterday.

Today I am thankful for a loving husband that will come home to bring me medicine even when I know he has loads of work to complete at the office.

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