January 02, 2013


Happy New Year!

I usually have a feeling about a New Year.  What the year will be like.  Whether or not it's going to be a good one.  If good things will come or if I should not get over excited about it.  I get these feelings about Hurricane Season too and am generally correct.  Maybe I missed my calling as a Psychic Meteorologist, they have those right?

Anyway, my feelings.

This year I'm not sure what happened.  I heard more than a handful of people state that they weren't really in the holiday mood this year.  I was one of those people.  It took me a while just to be like, 'yea, ok, Christmas is here, I might as well get my decorations up.'  I did eventually get into the the swing of the holiday and had a wonderful time.  Not a whole lot of stress, a little more egg nog and sweets than was needed and in the end I can say that I had a fun and festive season.

Then, it was New Years Eve.  I don't usually make an actual resolution.  I've made a few cheesy ones over the years and just a couple years ago I resolved to write a post at least once a month if only to check in...hahahaha...*snort, snort*...a ha, a ha, ooohhhhh...sorry...excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes...*sigh*, ok i'm better now.

As you may imagine that resolution didn't quite pan out.  I'm still here, yes, but it's lucky if I get a post up every few months.  May I take this opportunity to say thank you for continuing to check in and reading my weird rambling thoughts.

So this year was no different, except that instead of saying 'My New Years Resolution is to, blah, blah, blah, insert typical healthy goal here'.  I said nope, not at all.  I am making no resolution.

I have been very happy with myself for a little over a year a half now.  I've lost a large amount of weight and though it still fluctuates it has stayed off.  I am eating right, with my occasional splurge or treat.  I am even in a workout routine that isn't over taxing and that I enjoy.  What is there to change?

So, back to my feeling.

When I started thinking about the New Year a few days ago, I was expecting to have some sort of thought on the matter.  A drop in my gut or a lightness in my chest.  A quick daydream in my head about the year to come and what it had in store.  What I got was...nothing.  Just, nothing.  I had no 'feeling' about the year to come and what it had in store for me or my family.

There are good things on the horizon for us, nothing carved in stone and nothing that is on the edge of becoming reality, but definite positives.  I am not a pessimist but I do also know that there is always a chance that some negatives will show up again, but we know we can handle it.

I didn't put too much thought into my lack of 'vision' for 2013 but now as I write this, here is the conclusion I've come to.  I didn't see anything because there wasn't a major fluctuation in our lives.  No dazzling ups, no disastrous lows. We are just coasting along and I am perfectly ok with that.  I think this year will be a relaxing year of settling and shifting.  We have had so much personal turmoil in the past few years and have had to scrape the bottom so often that we appreciate not being that low anymore.  But on the flip side we have had so many things turn around for us recently that even though we are still not in the clear, we are a lot higher than we were.  We can see the sunshine and smell the fresh air, how can we not be looking up?

We will settle into our lives and feel a little bit more at ease with every passing day.  We will slowly see what else can be changed in our way of life and shift them to become easier and more well planned.  We will also be preparing ourselves for our next step.  Whenever that may be, wherever it may take us, and however it may happen, this year will be our first step towards our families next mystery chapter.  And it all coincides with a new year, talk about a fresh start.

How's that for not making a resolution!?!

Today I am grateful to have my house clean and back in order.

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