January 15, 2013

Random Bits...

...About Me...

1.  I do not like plants indoors.  A vase of flowers or a Christmas tree is fine.  A potted plant.  No.  It freaks me out.

2.  I am an introvert.  I like my own little bubble of life.  But I can also be an outgoing person at times, once I get to know you.  So I am an extroverted introvert.

3.  I like to find weird patterns in the most obscure places.  Hard to explain but it's just the way my mind works.

4.  I get nervous and cold when I meet new people which makes me trip over my words more than normal.  So I'm shivering and stuttering.  There are hand gestures and spittle.  It's really a pretty sight let me tell you.

5.  When I get angry, upset or annoyed my face and neck get itchy.

6.  When I get scared I giggle.  So I'm that crazy person in the back of the movie theatre giggling uncontrollably while the poor sap on screen gets hacked to pieces.  I'm not sick I swear.

7.  I do not like the word 'panties'.  It just sounds like something a creepy molester should say.

8.  I am not an expert at the English language but I certainly get annoyed at things like 'text speak', improper grammar and misspelling.  Another annoying thing, when people try to show their anger or excitement my drawing out a word but they repeat the wrong letter.   LIKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTHIS.  Do they not realize that by repeating the 'K' or the 'T' they are doing the typing equivalent of stuttering?  Also, why draw out the 'E'?  it's silent!!!

9.  This post has been in my 'drafts' for a few months.  I didn't want to post it till I had at least 10 'random bits'.  It would have felt unfinished to me.  Can you say 'anal retentive'?

10.  My weight is totally pissing me off at the moment.  I'm not gaining, but i'm not losing either.  Very frustrating.  I am working out and muscle weighs more than fat...blah, blah, blah...I don't care it's still pissing me off.

I am thankful that I no longer have a 'draft' in my posting list :)

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  1. I am very happy to know that I am not the only person who does not like the word "panties".