January 15, 2013

Big Brother AJ...

So I have a short amusing story to share.    

We were out a couple weekends ago and after some walking and flower picking we ended up at a local park.  AJ immediately took off and started playing, running around and making friends.  Ryan wandered around with a flower still clutched in each hand.  

AJ went over to Ryan and asked her to come play.  She followed him and they climbed and crawled and ran with a couple older girls that were there.  Ryan still had her flowers, too, she wasn't putting them down for anything.  Another boy showed up, younger than AJ but older than Ryan.  They all played for a little while before Ryan stopped to check on her flowers.   

The little boy stopped and stood in front of Ryan just watching her.  Just as AJ was coming over to get Ryan to chase him the little boy grabbed one of Ryan's flowers and took off running.  Ryan immediately started screaming and before we knew it AJ had taken off after the boy screaming "Hey!  That's my sister's flower.  Give it back!"

Jasey and I just stood back and let AJ chase him.  Partly out of shock and partly out of amazement.  It was the first time we had ever witnessed him do anything 'brotherly' like this.  We had to keep ourselves from laughing and egging AJ on too much.  Though of course we wanted to. 

The boy ran out of the gate to his parents, that weren't watching him or anything he was doing.  AJ stopped chasing the boy at the gate.  He knew he shouldn't leave without us.  I praised AJ for being a good big brother and taking care of Ryan and also saying that if he had caught the kid he would never hit or push, just get back the flower.  

We went and picked Ryan a new flower for AJ to give to her.  As we were walking back to the playground we passed the little boy who...you won't believe this...held the flower up for AJ and me to see, laughed and did a little 'nany nany boo boo' dance.  Smiling like I was going to tell him what a good job he did.  So I stopped in front of him and said "That was not a very nice thing you did.  You don't take things from other people."  His face dropped and he turned and walked back to his mom.   We didn't see him again after that.  

Today I am thankful that I have two children that are so loving towards each other...in their own ways...most of the time...

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