November 30, 2010

Holiday Cards...Shutterfly!

Last year was our first year as a family of four so instead of a generic boxed card we decided to do a more personalized family photocard.  We had fun picking our clothes so we would coordinate but not be matchy-matchy.  My mom took the pictures for us and I had fun picking out which card I wanted to use.  It ended up being a very elegant card, everyone was dressed up and we were in front of the big Christmas Tree in the town center of our community.
I was already looking forward to doing a family photocard again this year but wasn't sure where to get the cards from, if I wanted to do a planned picture or a fun spur of the moment pic.  Then I read about a great promotion from Shutterfly on another blog I read.  If I blog about their promotion then I get 50 free holiday cards and you can get them too, just by blogging about it!   I went to the site and took a look around.  I got a little side tracked at first and found myself looking at all the calendars.  I'm a sucker for a calendar, I guess it's the mom in me.  And, if I can make it my own by adding pictures of the kids and our family, PERFECT!  What a great gift for grandparents!  Next, I moved onto the holiday cards to take a peak, such adorable designs!  I usually go for a Holiday card rather than a Christmas card because even though we celebrate Christmas we aren't religious and have friends of different beliefs so I like to get everyone in there with a Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings.  I also like that they include the New Year because who doesn't get excited about the start of a New Year!
I'd been looking around for a while and the kids were starting to climb the walls so I figured I'd better head on over to the photocards.  I loved every other design I looked at but soon I found my hands down favorite card.  It has a cute little snowman on it, I love snowmen!  Must be the snow deprived Floridian in me.  So, I had found my card but was still unsure about what to do for the picture to go in it.  We were going out of town for Thanksgiving so I figured I would just forget about it for now and decide when we got back.  What do you know, as I was going through my pics from the trip I found the picture that I am going to use for the cards!  The kids aren't wearing the shirts I got them for pictures and Jasey and I don't coordinate at all but the picture is perfect!  It's as if it was meant to be, all the pieces just fell into place.  And, now I can use the kids clothes for their Santa pictures!  Now excuse me I have to go order my holiday cards!

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