November 20, 2010

I just wanted to share some random pics since I haven't posted any lately.

He insisted on a band-aid, it was the only way we could take his picture.

Mowing the lawn.  He is such a big helper.

I was getting some 1 year pics and the wind started blowing through the trees, she was in awe.

Kirby starting to become an adult puppy, he's almost 4!

Our 1 year old on her birthday.  "Today, i eat cake - yum yum"

Her first time eating cake, of course she liked it!

Their first pumpkin patch together!

AJ decided to help Ryan out with her cake 

Flowers and Bugs Birthday

Spookyville at the Fair Grounds
AJ was Buzz Lightyear (of course) Ryan was a chipmunk

AJ loves tractors!

Now no one can say I haven't posted any recent pics.  I'll try and be more organized next time though!

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