November 03, 2010

Sometimes, you know...

I always strive to be happy and positive and optimistic.  I know that there is good with bad.  I understand that when I am having a bad day it is not the fault of other people.  I realize that there are things that annoy me but what difference does it really make.  Just because I have the ability to talk and the freedom to say what I am thinking doesn't make it right.  Sometimes I really want to tell someone to stuff it or to shout at another that I just don't care.  But, unlike those people that feel the need to say every little thing and think they have the right to be as rude as they can possibly be, I instead tell myself that they are not worth it.  The argument is not worth it.  The strain that I would put on myself and the neglect that my family would bare just so that I could get my two cents in is just not worth it.  If those people want to go out and say whatever they must say because they think it will make them feel better or show people how smart they are, then so be it.  I will not let the ignorance of other people, that mean nothing to me, bring me to a place that is not healthy.  I will continue to smile, say please and thank you and respect the beliefs of others even if they are not my own.  I only wish that those people that are so quick to judge and ridicule and lash out would take one moment before speaking to step back and think about what they are going to say.  Does it matter?  Will it hurt another person?  Will it actually change anything?  Are they showing the same consideration that they want for themselves?  Of course they don't ask themselves these questions because for the most part they don't care about the person standing across from them.  They don't care what the other person thinks or feels or has to say, as long as they get out their own opinion.  So even though I strive to be positive I, too, have moments of weakness that makes me want to spit out the thoughts in my head, I guess this was one of those times.  

I contemplated not even publishing this post, I feel like I am doing exactly what I just ranted about.  But doesn't that make me the person I hope others would be?  I'm actually thinking about what I'm saying and not just spewing out to intentionally harm someone.  I don't think it will change anything, but I'm not hurting anyone and I'm hoping it will get other people thinking.  I definitely took other peoples feelings into consideration or I wouldn't be writing this.  What do you think?

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  1. I think you are a very special person! I'm so glad to have you and your little family in my life, even if you live so far away. Take Care, Love to All. Sorry we did not see Jasey last week!