November 19, 2010

simple and extraordinary...

Almost every day I watch AJ playing or just walking around and I think "I can't believe how big he is".  He is such a big boy, a little man, a big brother and to this day completely amazing.  I constantly have to remind myself that he is not even 4 yet, there is still so much for him to learn.  He has come so far and seems so much older.  He has really gotten into play acting.  He plays with his little people and figures and pretends they are blasting off into outer space or going to rescue someone from a fire.  He tells me that I am in trouble and he is going to rescue me or pretends that he is a gate keeper letting Kirby pass after the gate opens.  I like that he is so interested in helping, though he does still pretend to be 'the bad guy' sometimes.

This morning Ryan was supposed to be napping, instead she was standing in her crib, without any support, clapping her hands.  So I started clapping with her and said "yeaaa!".  She stopped clapping, laughed and put her hands to her side, still standing.  I stopped too.  She giggled and started clapping again, so I did too.  She stopped and laughed.  We went back and forth like this for a couple minutes, each time she would laugh harder and harder until she threw herself down to her mattress and started playing peek-a-boo, which really gets her going.  It is so cute that something as simple as clapping her hands and getting mommy to play along was such a delightful game.

Every time I see that simple joy in either of their eyes I step back and remind myself, yet again, of how simple it is to be happy.  One child is happy clapping her hands and laughing with mommy and another is happy because mommy helped him out of the mud puddle that developed in the middle of the living room.  I am happy to be there for both of them but I need to remember to also be happy for myself.  It can be so simple, you just need to find your own reason to laugh or game of pretend.

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