February 23, 2011

Intruder Alert!

Tuesday evening we finished our garden and gave it a good amount of water before heading inside for the night.  Wednesday and Thursday mornings I went outside to check on it and make sure no critters had tried to get in over night.  I gave the plants water if needed and noticed that some of the lettuces seemed to be perking up a bit.  Not a whole lot was happening but it still made me smile to see this lovely little corner of the yard.

I came out Friday morning to check on everything and something looked different.  It only took me a split second to figure it out.  There had been an INTRUDER!  A mole had run a track right through the middle of our garden!  It twisted and turned and oddly enough seemed to have missed every plant that it burrowed past.  There were no holes anywhere so it seems to have just been passing through.  He hasn't been back since. 

Mole track

Then just this morning, mom says to me in the kitchen "Everything is OK, but there was a raccoon digging in the garden last night"  Another INTRUDER!  I guess this little butthead climbed the fence and dug around in a couple spots.  It didn't dig up any of the seedlings and all the plants were still in the ground but now at least one of them knows that it can make it over the fence and that there is nice loose soil with lots of yummy worms.  Now he will bring his friends and soon I will be the crazy lady in house slippers and a robe running across the yard waving a broom shrieking "Get out of my garden you dirty little thief!"

Raccoon hole

Or we could just put a mesh cover over the top of the garden, maybe we'll try that first.

 - Today I am thankful for the people that read my silly little blog, I don't know who you are but I appreciate it - 

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  1. I read your 'silly little blog' and love it. Actually laughed out loud at the thought of you running in the yard with slippers and robe. Probably because I'd do the same thing. I had rabbits in mine the first year (we didn't fence off like we should have.) I'm not the hunter my husband is, but I was willing to let him get those dang rabbits after I saw what they did to my cabbage and peppers!