February 18, 2011


I've always been a bit of a sucker for nicknames. I had tons of them growing up. Some were Andy, Andrew, Dre-San, Dresama, Anna, Eskimo Roach and of course the one that has stuck with me DRE (though some of my family still calls me Andy,it makes me smile). That was just family nicknames then there were dance, school and friend nicknames. Probably a few enemy ones too.

 Jasey and I have a few nicknames for each other. None of them have anything to do with our actual names. If we don't use each others names we are usually calling each other sweetie pie. It started in high school then fazed out for a while but it came back and is sticking, I like it.

 The kids and even the animals have not escaped my name calling, no one is safe.

 Kirby was called PT for a while by AJ. We have no clue where it came from and it was one of those things that was suddenly gone one day and we kind of miss it. Now AJ uses our variations of Kirby's name, it's pretty cute. Kirby has been dubbed Burby, Dirby, Mirby, and Wirby. Though I will occasionally run through the whole alphabet cause it really gets him going and he gets all bouncy and excited. I have also sung Kirby the Name Game song many times. You know what I mean "Kirby, Kirby Bo Birby banana fana foe Firby fee fi mo Mirby, Kirby.". That song. Right now Ryan just calls Kirby 'goggie' and AJ calls him whatever we call him. He is also referred to as doofus on those days when that is the only word that can be used to describe him. His number one nickname is Bur, he responds to that a lot better then he does to Kirby sometimes...doofus.

 AJ, has been babycakes from day one. Marshall sent flowers while we we're still in the hospital and in the card he wrote "now thats a tasty baby!". Tasty baby made me think tasty cakes (I'm not sure why) and from tasty cakes came babycakes. His other main nickname is Pumpkin Head. He was called a tugboat by the doctor after he was born and of course we have called him monster baby many times. As he grew I would call him Destructo Boy due to his ability to completely destroy anything in his path in no time flat. Though i still use it often as he's gotten older babycakes has fallen out of use a bit and in it's place Kiddo seems to be the main nickname. I call him Buddy or Little Buddy a lot also. None of them were planned out, it's funny how nicknames just come into usage and stick. We use his full name a lot more then either one of us anticipated we would. It sounds kind of nice to hear the whole thing. Though it makes me think of when he is older, and that is no good!

 Ryan was given the moniker Chipmunk by Jasey. I never used it much but it is still her main one. I usually call her Girly Girl and we all call her Pretty. We don't just say awe Ryan you are a pretty girl, we actually call her Pretty, as a nickname. She is also called monster baby because, let's face it they were both monster babies! Jasey also uses Ryans full name a lot of the time. It's cute because AJ calls her by her first and middle names now too, just like daddy. She is sometimes referred to as Baby Dunk cause that girl has some booty! She is a climber so she is our monkey and she has such an attitude...I'm sorry should I call it a free spirit? So, she has such a free spirit that she is in the process of getting some not quite baby appropriate nicknames. Oh yeah, garbage disposal is a good one for her too!

 Everyday there is a new one that only sticks for a day or two but it's fun to continue coming up with new ones and marking them down in their baby books. It goes so fast that you can never remember them all. No matter what I call them they will always be my little babies. Babycakes and Pretty Girl the best kids in the world!

 - Today I'm thankful for chubby cheeks and goodnight kisses -

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  1. We have all M's nicknames written on a chalkboard in the kitchen, but this is a such a nice reminder for me to write them in her baby book! What a wonderful post.