February 12, 2011

Up In The Air...

We had a plan.  It wasn't set in stone, it was just a faint path that we were headed down.  We had ideas of how long it would take to make it to the end.  We had ideas of what that finish line would look like.  We knew that there would be alternate paths that would take us down different scenic routes but eventually lead towards that same goal.

That path is still there.  It's right in front of us, but as time passes others show themselves.  Now, all around us different questions, opportunities and possibilities are popping up.  We continue to take them in stride and adapt the best we know how.  Even with a few bumps it's been nothing that has completely derailed us and we are still pretty much on track with our original timeline.  

We have been at my moms now for 6 months.  I can't believe that much time has passed, yet, it feels like it's been so much longer.  It's crazy and cluttered but we have all adjusted rather well.  The main factors in our lives are the same but new things have been added while others have been eliminated.

Even as lucky as we are right now and as great as our lives are going there is still that cloud of unknown that continues to float over our heads.  It's not the typical unknown of 'what could happen tomorrow', everyone has that, especially these days.  It's not even trying to make a decision of which path to head down.  It's having absolutely no clue which paths will still be available when the time comes to take that first step.

If all paths are open, do we stick with our original plan even if it's the most treacherous?  Do we take a smoother path to get on our feet again and give ourselves a rest knowing that it will lead us to our original goal a little farther down the road?  If two completely different paths are possibilities, will they both lead to the same finish and if so which is better in the short term, the long term?  If two similar paths present themselves how do we choose between them, what factors will be most important?

Too many questions.  It's really hard to not think about it and quite impossible to ignore.  Opportunities are wonderful, we are grateful for them, but it's frustrating to have so many possibilities and no way to get a grip on them.

 - Today I am thankful for a husband that thinks of our family and wants to make decisions together -

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