February 16, 2011


As you all know by now, we are living with my mom.  Our original plan was to clean out both extra rooms mom had and put the kids in one of them.  We focused on one so that we could get moved and rent out our place and of course as things go, the second room has been at a stand still.  Mom works on it when she can, but I think we are all pretty comfortable and it's not a priority.  Well that's how I feel about it anyway.

So if you didn't know or if you didn't quite catch on in the last few sentences, let me clarify.  All four of us are set up in one room right now.  Beds, clothes, computer, just about everything that isn't in storage is in our room.  It has actually worked out rather well.  I think it took the kids a little getting used to, but for the mommy in me it's nice to have them so close.  Aside from a few sick nights, for the most part we all sleep right through the night.

Every once in a while Ryan will cry a little in the middle of the night but will fall back asleep by herself.  Sometimes we find AJ in bed with us half way through the night, most of the time we are both too tired to get up and put him back in his bed.  AJ has learned the hard way that you don't sneak up on mommy.  One time he was standing beside me and woke me up.  I jumped, yelped and kinda yelled at him, it scared him and he almost started crying.  Then there was the first time he tried to sneak into our bed in the morning.  I was still half a sleep and thought he was one of the cats.  I launched him off of the bed realizing as I did it that whatever I had launched was a lot heavier then a cat and looked up in time to see him in midair.  I felt so bad, but he has never snuck up like that on me again.

This past Sunday night the kids brushed their teeth, went potty, put on pjs and gave hugs and kisses all around.  Off to bed like every other night.  They both fell asleep within minutes and an hour or so later Jasey and I head off to bed too.  We check on the kids, cover them up again, give them kisses and fall fast asleep ourselves.

Next thing I know it's 4 in the morning and there is a pudgy little hand covering my mouth.  Just as I am waking up and trying to figure out what is on me, AJ whispers "Mommy, come with me."  I don't freak out and respond sleepily "What's up kiddo?"  The little hand covers my mouth again and he whispers "Shhh, mommy don't talk.  Just come with me, I have to go pee pee."

He didn't say another word and went straight back to bed when he was done.  How did I get to be so lucky?

 - Today I am thankful for nap time -

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