February 02, 2011

Johnny on the Spot...

...That's what you can call me when it comes to posting on events.  I mean, it's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to posting about my weekend, if that isn't on top of things I don't know what is.  It was one of the most important weekends of the whole year and lifetime for me.  My 5th Wedding Anniversary, a pretty nifty milestone, and my 'Golden' Birthday, turning 31 on the 31st!  (This can also be called a 'Grand', 'Lucky', 'Champagne' or 'Star' Birthday, incase you were wondering).  I'd also like to point out that I am the oldest that a person can ever be to celebrate a 'Lucky' Birthday.  It is fun for me to find things that make me feel special, well more 'special' then I am already.  On a weird, semi-related side note, if I were to share some of the ways I 'connect' things it would all seem very Jim Carrey in The Number 23.  Then someone might try to have me committed and I have a family to raise so I'll just keep all that to myself.

On to my weekend!

The weekend actually didn't end for me until yesterday, when I got my final gift, a haircut!  It had been almost a year since my hair had been even trimmed.  It was pretty long, and still is, but I got enough cut off to make a noticeable difference, especially from the back. The best part is I can still pull it back without a million little flyaway hairs escaping and attacking my face.  It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

Saturday night, after Jasey got home from school, we headed to City Place and had a couple Mojitos before our movie started.  Jasey surprised me with tickets to go see The King's Speech.  I am a sucker for English Royalty, although more historical stuff like Henry the VIII and not so much present day like William and Kate.  It was a great movie and a story I didn't quite know yet.  After the movie we headed out for our dinner reservations.  Along with the movie tickets Jasey planned a dinner date for us at Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar.  I had heard about this place a few years ago when it opened up on Clematis and had been wanting to try it ever since.  We got a pitcher of Margaritas with our dinner, ordered another single drink when the pitcher was gone and then two shots of Patron, for dessert I guess.  We were seated right at the front of the restaurant so we had a great view of all the craziness going on at the bar and an even better vantage point for people watching as all the clubbers strolled by on the sidewalks.  There was certainly a lot of entertainment, especially from people that had no clue they were part of it.

Our pitcher of Margaritas!

Happy 5th Anniversary

Sunday morning we got up, piled the kids into the car along with Momah and headed to the zoo.  It was Ryan's first time to the zoo and actually only AJ's second time.  Funny enough, the last time we went to the zoo was two years ago, on my birthday, I see a trend forming here.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day, most of the animals were out and about, the main exception being the leopard, he was sleeping behind a rock.  Ryan walked around for some of it but it was her nap time so she sat in the stroller most of the time.  She was definitely intrigued though because she did not got to sleep until we got in the car a good 4 hours after her normal nap time.  We ate a late lunch at Toojays, I wanted hot crispy fries and they have some of the best.  Both of the kids were asleep before we got home, I relaxed the rest of the night and we watched some Dexter before heading to bed ourselves.  

Monday I got an extra special treat by not having to wake up with the kids.  Jasey was out of bed and had the kids out of the room before I even registered that they were awake.  This in itself is a miracle, I am usually up before the kids, if not and I hear them thats it I'm awake for the day.  But not today!  It was my birthday and I slept in.  When I did wake up I stayed in bed and read my book and sat around in silence for a while, it was wonderful.  I headed to the gym for a little workout and then we took the kids to the park to wear them out a bit so they could rest before we went to dinner.  After mom got home from work we went to On the Boarder and had more tacos and burritos.  Hey it was my weekend (and Jasey's) and I like tacos so that it what I wanted, I would have gone to Moe's instead of Toojays the day before if I hadn't wanted the fries, don't judge.  When we got home I was ushered into my room by AJ so that he and mom could decorate my birthday cake...with sour patch kids and gummy bears! 

That brings us back around to Tuesday when I went and got my hair cut.  It was a wonderful weekend and I hate to see it go.  Though I was pleasantly surprised this morning when Jasey got up with the kids again and next thing I knew it was 8:15.  He's a great husband and I was happy to have one last day of sleeping in to extend my fun weekend just a little bit more.

 - Today I am grateful for the pleasant people and happy faces at the VPK office.  - 

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  1. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! Let's see a picture of this cute new hair!