February 07, 2011

mundane details...

I really don't understand the need for some people to report minute by minute accounts of what is going on in the world and their lives.  I get wanting to keep people posted on major events and sharing information that you will be asked about over and over.  I understand sharing an article, news cast or even funny little things that happen during your day.  I've been guilty of these things.  It's nice to randomly hear about little events in peoples lives or read something that you wouldn't have come across that a friend is passionate about.

I don't want to see 14 videos in a row of songs that you think mirror your life, they really don't, you aren't that cool.  I don't want a play by play account of the latest sporting event.  I have no problem with people showing support for there team, Go Team!  But if I care, I'm watching the game.  I don't care about the drama in your life with the 'gurl dat u thot wuz ur BFF'.  What?  I wrote that and I still have trouble figuring out what it says.  If you didn't even blink an eye then please get a dictionary and go back to school.  Soon proper grammar will be just as ancient as hieroglyphics if we allow this text speak, I'm sorry I meant txt spk, crap to continue.  I don't always use the best grammar but I look like a genius compared to those people.

 - Today I am grateful for the ability and freedom to complain, some people aren't so lucky.  -

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