February 08, 2013

A Little Bit O' Fun...

Someone posted this on Facebook.  I asked them to give me an age and then I would blog it.  I don't do much posting on Facebook and I try not to post anything too long.  If it's more than a couple lines it is blog material to me and I don't want to repeat myself all over the place.  That's probably why I never post anything on my Twitter or Instagram accounts, I will occasionally think 'I should check that more' but never do.  (If I'm supposed to put a little trademark signs or something then please forgive me, I would have done it)  I also would like to take this moment to say that I do not 'like' things on FB or any other social network for that matter.  It does not mean that I don't like whatever you have posted, I just don't 'like' things.   Also, I know I could have made this shorter and more to the point but I am a rambler, so, moving on...

I was given the age of '22' by Cindy.  A very good and very fun age for me.  So here goes...

At 22...
I lived - the first part of the year I had just moved from WPB living with my mom to Oviedo, FL with my cat Katze (she was awesome)  I miss her :(  I was in a three bedroom house with two other girls, one had a dog the other had a cat as well.  About half way through the year I started driving to Atlanta every couple weeks then eventually packed up my room and moved there.  I 'lived' (all of my stuff was there anyway) in a little, stand alone 'apartment' behind a house in an older neighborhood in the middle of Atlanta where I was, seriously, the only white person around.  I really liked that little place and all the neighbors knew me and were really nice.  Though all of my stuff was in the apartment, a lot of the time I stayed at my brother's house just south of the city.  It was warmer there.  I had an old space heater at my place, which probably would have caught fire, even if it was off...and unplugged.

I was dating - In Oviedo, I met B through some mutual friends I think the first weekend after I had moved into town.  He lived about 45 minutes away so we usually only saw each other on weekends.  We never called it a relationship, we were both at the age of 'I'm going to find myself' and whatnot.  We were both Aquarius', our birthdays were a week apart, same year...a little too alike at times.  We were close and there were feelings but not the right kind, it was hard on both of us.  I went on a few other dates in Oviedo but nothing memorable.  In Atlanta, I was seeing two guys G and R.  B and I would still hang out when we could get together, and I reconnected with someone from my past.  (yes at 22 I had a past) (and yes I am well aware of what this sounds like)  I told you 22 was a fun age!  :)  To top it off both of the guys in Atlanta were still technically married.  Now before you go calling me a home wrecker both of them told me that they were divorced and I did not know until a couple months down the road that that was not entirely true and they were only separated.  I stopped seeing both of them when I found out.

I drove - a White, '95, Chevy S-10 pick-up truck.  It had an extended cab with the two little folding jump seats in the back.  Manual locks and windows, just how I like cars, I'm not too keen on all this power stuff.  I loved that thing and had it for about 10 years.  I drove that thing all over the place.  It had gone from Key West to Tennessee to the Outer Banks.  I would have driven further but ended up flying to those places.  It was my second car.  I'm actually only on car number 3 now, I tend to hang on to cars.

I feared - I don't think at that time I feared anything.  I knew it was a possibility that something could happen to me on all my excursions and I didn't want my mom or anyone to have to go through that but as far as my life went it was just me so there wasn't much to worry about.  Though if I had to pick a fear it would have been that I wouldn't be able to have kids.  Not that I would never meet someone, I was confident I could do that ;) I was worried that when the time came I would be unable to get pregnant.  It was all I every wanted.

I worked - In Oviedo I had short stints as an associate at Bath and Body Works and also as a server at an Italian restaurant.  I already knew before either one of these jobs that I would not like to be in retail or service and they both proved me correct.  After that I got a job at a daycare center and was placed in the younger 1's room.  I got the ones that were 12-18 months.  Not long after starting most of them moved to the older 1's room and I moved with them.  They were my buddies I wanted to stay with them.  That also moved me into the room with Sarah, the other teacher.  We butted heads when I first started but we are still friends now, even though she lives across the country and I haven't seen her in years!  I loved that job and can still remember the kids names and all their little quirks.  Atlanta, I had moved there to help my brother and his partners open their restaurant.  I helped with the build-out and the construction and then when the restaurant opened I worked in the kitchen.  After a little while they decided to open another restaurant so I helped with that build-out too.  So child care and construction, that's what I did in my 22nd year.

I wanted to be - a mom, plain and simple.  It really is all I ever wanted to be.  I went to school a few times, at a few different schools but it never stuck.  I had no ambition to get a degree.  There were other things that I thought I'd be good but nothing that made me want to get it done.  Actually at this time I did drive from Atlanta to Orlando a few times to audition at Disney.  I usually auditioned for the cruise line or Tokyo Disney, etc.  Something that would get me out and about.  Sadly I was never chosen.  They usually only had a couple spots open and there were always girls there who had already done Disney stuff.  Also, in a room of 50 girls I was always in the tallest 5 or so.  I think, especially for the Tokyo thing (which would have been amazing!)  I was simply too tall.  Unless they were doing a Godzilla theme, which isn't very Disney.  At least I can say I tried.  Dancing was still second to mommyhood though.  That is really what I wanted.


At 33...
I live - in an Apartment/Townhouse in Boca Raton with my husband, son, daughter and our Black Lab, Kirby.  We own a place in Jupiter but rent it out and haven't lived there in a couple years, it was our first home as a family.  We love where we are living now, though!

I date - my husband of 7 years.  He's really cute :)  He's my High School sweetheart too.

I drive - a Green-ish 2005 Honda Pilot.  WIth plenty of room for the kids and the big 'ole dog in the back.  It has been all over the place as well, to the Keys, camping and up to DC.  We also have a red 2001(?) Jeep Wrangler.  I've always wanted a Wrangler.  I love driving it!

I fear - for my children.  I still don't worry about me so much.  I'm not reckless but I'm ok with me and what could happen.  I am worried about how it will affect the kids, but I think they'd be ok.  I am not ok with all the terrible things that could happen to my kids.  I have gone over so many different scenarios in my head from natural disaster to the more tragic and personal things and how I think I could/would handle them.  I of course don't want to ever want to find out for real.  It does scare the shit out of me.

I work - for my kids.  I'm a SAHM (stay at home mom).  Just like I always hoped I would.  Though the  young one will be heading off to school soon, so I'm prepping myself for having to get back in the work force.  Maybe that's why I started biting my nails again.

I want to be - the best version of me I can.  I don't want to be perfect and I don't want to be great.  I just want to be me...only thinner.

I am grateful for my past, it made me who I am, and that is someone and something I am proud of today.

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