February 05, 2013

The Weekend...

There is a new plan!!!

But for me to make this plan work I will now have to bore you with the recap of my weekend.  After that it's smooth sailing.  (As long as I remember to continue and complete the plan tomorrow.)

Are you confused yet?  Yeah, me too.

My last post promised a recap of our 7th Anniversary Date Night Extravaganza!  I just now added the Extravaganza! portion of the recap but I figured it might make it more worth your while for being here.

Lets all move to the edge of our seats, that'll help too.

Who am I kidding...I had a great time.

The start of the day was a little rocky but everything can't be perfect.  I went to yoga and Jasey's mom came down to visit for a little bit.  We went to the gym, the kids area was only open for part of the day so we weren't there long.  Then, took the kids to the park before heading home and getting ready.  I know none of that sounds rocky but I am sparing you the details of timing issues, misunderstandings and brief lacks in logical thinking.  Sometimes it was me, sometimes it was him but mostly it was the clash of Venus and Mars which, as we know, is the basis of all male/female disagreements.  But that is a whole other post!  (I'll put it on my list)  Marshall came over to watch the kids for a little while until mom could get there for the rest of the night.

We decided to do everything in the same are so that we didn't have to drive from place to place.  Our first stop.  Massages.  The last massage I'd had was last year just after Mother's Day.  Not bad but before that it had been years!  I usually don't talk to the person, I think it helps me not feel guilty that I'm laying there while they are working, I also do that when I get a hair cut or something.  But this lady and I just started talking and did so the whole time.  It was a very nice massage and oh my goodness, the table, it was heated!  It was so warm and toasty I could have gone to sleep right there.  I did not want to get up.  But it was time to move on.

We took a little block and a half stroll to out next destination.  Dinner.  A little hole in the wall sushi place with great reviews.  Seriously the place is tiny.  There are about 5 two seaters inside with a 3 or 4 seat bar.  Outside there are about 8 or 10 more tables, most of them two seaters.   You have to walk through part of the kitchen to get to the restrooms.   I had a Kirin and Jasey ordered sake.  We sat outside at this tiny little table and after ordering 5 rolls between the two of us every inch of our table was covered with food.  It was like Japanese Tetris.  We both love sushi but don't get to eat it very often, so we made up for it by eating every last piece of sushi on our table.  It was so good, I could have eaten more but I know I would have really regretted it later.  Bonus, we had some entertaining people at a nearby table to eavesdrop on.

Up next, after another quick 3 block walk, a movie.  We went to go see 'Django' at the iPic theatre in Mizner.  Even though Jasey bought the tickets in advance it was still a little last minute so unfortunately we didn't get to sit in the recliners but the seats were still big and comfy.  The theatre is awesome!  There was only about 40 seats in our theatre each with food and drink service and your own little swiveling table.  There is a full restaurant and bar on the first floor and since we were a little early we stopped off and had a drink.  I wanted something sweet so the waitress suggested this drink that she described as the offspring of a Mojito and a Pina Colada.  It was very good and would have been even yummier if they froze it and served it as ice cream.  I definitely have more of a sweet tooth than I am a lush.  The movie was hysterical!  And oddly grotesque...and very bloody, and very, very wrong at times.  Quentin Tarantino, enough said.  

We wanted to get dessert after the movie but nothing was really grabbing our attention where we were so we decided to hunt for sweet lovelies elsewhere.  But on the way to the car we saw a random pizza shop and stopped in for a slice.  Cause when there is no good dessert around, pizza really is the next logical step.  It was very tasty pizza though.  I would pass the 20 other pizza places between here and there to go get that pizza again.

After our quick detour we were back on the hunt for sugar.  We walked back to the car, which seemed farther away than I remember parking it, and headed for the only logical place to get dessert for your anniversary.  I'm not sure if it's just cause it's what we've done in the past or if it was one of the only places left open.  But it was to The Cheesecake Factory we went.  For those of you wondering I got the Red Velvet Cheesecake and Jasey tried the Adam's Peanut Butter Ripple thing.  Both were, of course, very good.

Back home we went.

The next day was our other wedding anniversary.  We got married again in Jamaica on our honeymoon.  We never celebrate it but it's kind of nice to have a back-up incase we forget the first one.  So far we haven't needed it.

It was also the Super Bowl and after a day of more working out and park time we did absolutely nothing for the game.  We traded getting the kids ready for bed duties between the game watching (Jasey) and the commercial watching (me).  For halftime Jasey finished the last 10 minutes of a DVD he was watching.  I went upstairs to watch in our room.  Then about 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter power outage I feel asleep.  I'm such a party animal!

So there you have it.  My weekend.

Now, on with the plan!!!

Today I am thankful that you people, for some reason, keep coming back and reading this silly thing which in turn keeps me motivated to keep writing said silly thing.  Thanks :)

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