February 20, 2013

Loving My Kirby...

Today is 'Love Your Pet Day'.  What better day to talk about our Kirby Dirby than today?

Jasey always wanted a dog.  I wanted a baby.  Our compromise was to get a dog when we had a baby.  So about half way through being pregnant with AJ we started looking for a four legged baby as well.  It was the first dog for both of us so we had a lot of researching to do and decisions to make.  Puppy, young adult or older?  Pure breed or mix?  Rescue or breeder?

We decided on a pure breed puppy from a breeder.  We knew we didn't want a small dog and of course we wanted something that would be good with kids.  We decided on a Boxer, we liked the size and the temperament and the short hair.  There are so many family dogs that have hair for days...not what I wanted when we'd be adding a newborn to the household soon.  We found someone that bred Boxers and Labs and was planning a litter soon with a Flashy Fawn and a Brindle.  Awesome we loved the Flashy markings!   She wasn't planning the Boxer litter for a few more months, though.  So it would be at least 6 or 8 months before we'd be able to bring a boxer puppy home from her.

Then wouldn't you know it when we contacted her she tells us she actually has a couple litters due in a few weeks, of Labs.  One yellow female (with yellow male) and one black female (with chocolate male) both due within a few days of each other.  The timing was perfect and Labs were on our original list so we talked about it a little bit more and decided to get our names on the list for a male Labrador Retriever.

This is one of the pictures the breeder sent us before we took Kirby home.  I'm not absolutely certain but if I had to guess I'd say Kirby is the one on the left.  He was the biggest of the 3 blacks.  The stance of the one in the middle is all wrong for Kirby and the front feet of the one sitting are too wide and turned out.

February 8, 2007 our first baby was born with 4 brothers and sisters.  A litter of 3 blacks and 2 chocolates.  (and only a day after the yellow litter was born) We saw him for the first time in person at about 6 weeks.  He weighed 16 pounds and tried to take a bite out of my big toe.  When I picked him up just under two weeks later he weighed 21 pounds.  If the toe biting didn't tell me what was in store for us then the 5 pound weight gain in 2 weeks should have really clued me in.  But I had a warm, furry puppy to cloud my brain and give me the baby cuddles I'd been waiting on and wanting for the previous 8 months.

Wasn't he so cute and tiny!?!?!?!  I think so too.  

That first night Jasey had a late night with work and school so at 10 at night I took him out before going to bed.  Instead of peeing like he was supposed to be doing he was sitting there staring at the crazy 8 months pregnant lady standing in her front yard crying.  I didn't even make it 24 hours before breaking down and second guessing our decision.  What was I thinking!?!?!  I was about to have a baby and I knew nothing about raising a dog!!  

But just over a month later, having never been a dog person but I was already in love with this little goofball.   (the mommy inflicted 'cape' is the blanket from his litter which he still has) (and yes, that is my very pregnant belly in the foreground)

When we got home from the hospital Kirby weighed in at 40 pounds, up almost 20 pounds in just over a month.  Oh boy!  AJ and Kirby were fast friends.  I was a little weary and cautious but didn't try and keep them separated.  They were going to grow up together might as well let them get used to each other.

And grow up they did.

Then another two legged baby showed up.  Jasey tried to convince me that meant we needed another dog but I don't think either of us were really ready for that.  Although it almost happened a couple times.  Kirby loved having a new baby around and I guess she tasted yummy cause he got licks in whenever possible.  I don't think he was more protective of Ryan but he definitely seemed to worry about her more.  If she cried he sat by her and kind of looked at us like 'hey, why aren't you doing anything about this?'  I think a lot of it was that he was a few years old by this time instead of just a few months old himself when we brought AJ home.  Either way he loved them both.  

He even liked to play ball with her.  She just wouldn't cooperate.  "What is she like 3 months old? Jeez, I could play ball at 3 months."

I love the picture sequence below.  He thinks he's being so sneaky.  :)

Like any kid he can annoy the absolute crap out of me but I still love him and think he is the cutest thing around.  

He has definitely made a place for himself in our family.  I couldn't imagine The Campbell Clan without him.  It makes me sad to think that he is already considered a senior in years when to me he is still a puppy, our puppy.

He loves to play and will chase any ball (they are his favorite toy) as long as you throw it.  He snores and has the cutest puppy dreams.  He is the smartest, and at times the dumbest, dog you will ever meet.  Though I'm pretty sure he's just pretending to be dumb when he doesn't want to do something. Which makes him smart and crafty.  He is a protector, best friend and foot warmer.  He is a true water dog, loves to swim and play in the hose.  He chases squirrels, ducks and cats.  It cracks me up, unless I'm not expecting it and the leash goes flying out of my hand.  He has no desire to wander to far from us and will come running back as soon as we call him.  He is such a loving dog, he loves people and will lick you to death if you pet him.  He answers to Kirby, Kirb, Bur, Burby, Dirby, Dirb, Goofball and Doofus Face.  

I still think he's pretty cute.  ;)

Today I am thankful that have such a great addition to our family.  He has opened my heart even more over the years.  

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