February 18, 2013

Disappointment and Love...

No, it's not what you are thinking.

I've been disappointed in myself in the blogging department lately.  I haven't been saying hello much in the past couple weeks and when I am here I'm only putting out sub-standard and blah posts.  

I apologize.

Even though I still have a whole list of fun post ideas and lots of little ever present crazy ideas in my head I have not taken the time to sit down and dedicate myself to any of them.

I said I'm sorry.  Jeez!

That's the disappointment.

Here's the little bit of love.

I am totally in love with a fabric from Harmony Art.  Harmony creates organic and fair trade textiles.  I've had my eye on her 10 Flowers design for a couple years now.  In the most simple words, 'It makes me happy'.  There is just something about this design that brightens up my mind and my heart.

Sadly I have yet to (be able to) purchase any, which also puts my fabric addiction into a tail spin.  I must acquire some of this fabric!  I feel as though my life depends on it!

I have to look at the picture of the fabric, with it's happy, endorphin spreading capabilities, just to calm myself down.

It's a terrible cycle.

I'm sure you are interested in seeing a picture now right?  Here it is so you can check it out, know what I'm going on about and I can spread the '10 Flowers' love.

If anyone is feeling generous and wants to send me a yard or two of this fabric I would not object. I would also probably weep with happiness when I saw it so make sure it's wrapped in plastic first.

Work through the disappointment and spread the love!

I am thankful to have both my kids home on this chilly day, so I can cuddle them and be cozy, toasty.

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  1. Aww, stop being so hard on yourself! Also, I know what you mean about fabric addictions. I have been told I am not allowed to buy any more until I use the fabric I currently own. Blah! I looked up your fabric. Holy crap, Batman! I can see why you haven't purchased it yet. But it is beautiful and happy. I felt myself sucked in immediately.