February 02, 2013

That Didn't Work...

The plan was to write posts so that on my birthday I would do the 100th post.  This only became a plan about 3 weeks ago.  For no real reason other than I like things to be clean and even.  I had plenty of time and was moving along pretty well.  I did not start this blog on my birthday but it seemed like a nice day to write my 100th.

This is post number 98 and my birthday was Thursday, so obviously that didn't work out too well.

Here are a couple more things that didn't work out...

Me.  As in, I did not work out at the gym.  I decided to take the day of my birthday off from the gym and relax.  I actually had not gone to the gym the two days before that either (though I did other exercise those days) so basically I was just being lazy this week.

Jasey and I had a conference this morning at 7:15 with AJs teacher.  This is how it went.  I got an email at about 9:30 from the teacher saying she had been looking forward to meeting with me and asking should we reschedule.  I completely forgot and didn't show.  Parent of the year.

So, apparently my brain decided to take a little hiatus for my anniversary/birthday week.  Despite (or maybe because of) my brain checking out it's been a pretty nice low key week.

Things that are working out...or something like that...these things don't suck...

Jasey and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary on Tuesday.  We are also going out this weekend to do some more celebrating, alone.  This year was copper.  I try to do something for each years 'traditional gift'.  It is more of a keepsake kinda thing than a gift thing.  So this year since we didn't have the money to go get our pictures taken at the Statue of Liberty I collected pennies with significant years, for us, on them.
1979 - the year Jasey was born
1980 - the year I was born
1996 - the year we started dating
1997 - the year Jasey graduated
1998 - the year I graduated
2004 - the year we started dating...again...and also the year we got engaged
2006 - the year we were married
2007 - the year AJ was born
2009 - the year Ryan was born
I collected as many as I could find with any of those years on them and decorated a picture frame with them.  All heads up of course.  Had to re-glue a few of them, but eventually I won and they stayed put. I am better than the pennies!!

Thursday was my 33rd birthday.  I'm venturing into the 'mid-30s' now.  The day was good, but as it is as you get older, it was still a day.  I still got out of bed at a horrendous hour, got the kids dressed and fed and motivated.  Had to 'motivate' some more.  Got annoyed cause the house was a wreck although I swear I just cleaned it.  Hit my head on the front door latch then loudly yelled obscenities with the front door open.  Good times.  But I also had lots of well wishes which always make you feel warm and cozy.  Met mom a couple days before to have a lovely breakfast at Cracker Barrel, mmmm.  Went out for a birthday dinner with Jasey, the kids, Mom, Marshall and Deri.  And I made myself Cauldron Cake cupcakes (do I have to explain my HP obsession yet again?)  

I went to dinner and a movie with Dawn and Katie tonight.  We had a great time!  Talking, laughing and sharing in our weird senses of humor...or would that be sense of humors?  Can't wait to do it again!  Only next time we'll have to plan for after the movie as well, so we don't stand in the cold for an hour while gabbing in a dark parking lot.  I think we could have taken anyone if they tried to mess with us.  Or maybe everyone just stayed away cause we were being loud and crazy to begin with.  We may never know.

I'll let you know how our anniversary date night goes tomorrow.  I'm excited, it should be fun!

Super Bowl is Sunday, which is also our other wedding anniversary.  Don't think we have anything planned for that.

Today I am amazed that it is already February.

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