January 30, 2014


Yesterday I was happy.

Happy that I am getting better after bring sick for almost 2 weeks (though still not 100%).
Happy that AJ has had two very successful homeschooling days, in a row.
Happy that Ryan is starting to communicate, instead of scream, and pick up her toys.
Happy that Jasey is home after being out of town.

Other than that the day came and went with out much hoopla.

I walked the dog.  I cleaned out and rearranged our school stuff to make it more functional.  I made a lunch that the kids raved over.  I cleaned.  I helped AJ with his lessons.  I made a craft with Ryan.  I 'motivated' the kids a few times to get their teeth brushed.  I cooked dinner for Jasey and myself.  I waited to eat dinner with my husband, even though I had no clue when he'd be home.

When we finally sat down to eat I put a low wicker bowl, filled with rocks and one candle, on the table.

The wicker bowl is from our wedding.  It holds rocks that people signed, as our guest book.  The candle was also from our wedding.

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary.

Who needs hoopla when you have happiness.

Today I am thankful for happiness