Make it Better...

I love to make things and wanted to share some pictures.

A couple of the baby quilts I've made for friends.  

I sewed this whole quilt by hand, the cats like it :) 

This was the cake topper for our wedding cake, my mom and I made it.

I painted and recovered this.  I couldn't decide which brocade I liked better so I made it double sided.

Pics from AJ's bedroom, my mom and I painted everything.  So sad when we moved :(
Reused table and chairs.  A fresh coat of paint and hand painted Dr. Seuss decor.
The bulletin board wasn't attached to the wall yet.  I was very pregnant!  Repainted dresser, One Fish, Two fish...

Some Halloween costumes I've made...Harry Potter, Cat in the Hat, Handy Manny

St.Patrick's Day cake balls.  Yummy!    
A new shirt from an old skirt, cute, huh!

Some of the many reusable shopping bags I've made and given away.  Here are two random recipients at our local green market.  I think they were a little scared of the crazy lady approaching them, at first, but loved their new bag!

I'm always keeping an eye out for fun new projects and willing to try anything that looks interesting!

I know there is more to share, I'll keep an eye out for more pics and post them when I find them!